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Siebel Realtime Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Siebel Realtime Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Siebel Systems, Inc. was a software company principally engaged in the design, development, marketing, and support of CRM applications. Siebel is an application for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Siebel supports different industry applications (Pharma, Finance, Communications). Typical Siebel applications areas are call center applications, sales and marketing, field service, campaign management, customer management.

Try Siebel Realtime Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Siebel Realtime Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Siebel Realtime Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Is it posible to access more than one Database at a single siebel application

Answer: would u explain how to use or access morethan one database at a single siebel application?

a single siebel enterprise server can have one db server(a 3rd party RDBMS) this scenario is possible.

My Query: a single siebel enterprise server can have multiple or more than one db server(multiple 3rd party RDBMS
Question: How to send an email using siebel application?other than using F9 functional Key.

Answer: Using workflows we can send emails from siebel application. Source:
Question: If we have Dynamic Picklist as Bounded Can we add field?

Answer: yes we can add the fields in the dyn picklist

Question: What is User properties? and why we using the User properties?

Answer: User properties are object definitions that allow you to configure specialized behavior beyond what is configured in the parent object definition?s properties. Source:
Question: While importing product or Account data why we are populating BU_ID ?

Answer: Because bu_Id is the user key of Account table Source:
Question: Suppose there is a search spec on BC, and Applet both. explain the execution of this scenario.

Answer: This is not true . Actually BC search specification will be replaced by Applet Search specification(NOT appended) and finally you will get the data queried using Applet search spec.

Question: How do convert single value fields into multivalue fields in the Field object type found under Business component?

Answer: select the 'Multivalued' property to true. and need to take care about the MVL and Destination Field. Source:
Question: In an Applet we have a Button When we click on that Button we need to get an Business service. How we are going to do it?

Answer: Populate Method Invoked of button(control). Add a BC user property for invoking BS using method mentioned on applet control Source:
Question: Explain when we use the following scenario's:

Base table having extension columns

Extension table have extension columns

Which one do you prefer, Explain?

Answer: In Siebel 7.8 there is no restriction in the number of columns in tables, but depending on the frequency of use and the relationship you should use it discretely (when 1:1 relation is there).

Question: In the list applet field we have 10 records but i have to display only 2 records in list applet,what is the process should i follow

Answer: select that applet in tools and in OBLE there is an option called

"HTML no of rows"

specify the number of rows u want

Question: How to find entity Relation in siebel tools

Answer: In Tools,, click the Link Object type and query for both the entities for which u want to see the relation
Question: I have a view with form applet on the top and list applet at the bottom.There is "score" field in the list applet.How to display the totals of score in form applet?

Answer: Create a MVF in Parent BC,And also a Calculated Field with Calculated Value as Sum [MVF].

Question: If Gateway Server is not present cant we do Load Balancing?

Answer: We can't do with the 3rd Party load balancer like resonator. but, can do with HTTP load balancer in the web server.



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