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ADO.NET 2.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

ADO.NET 2.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

ADO.NET is a data access technology from the Microsoft .NET framework which provides communication between relational and non-relational systems through a common set of components. ADO.NET is a set of computer software components that programmers can use to access data and data services from the database.

Try ADO.NET 2.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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ADO.NET 2.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try ADO.NET 2.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Waht are the Advantages of ADO.Net?

Answer: uses dataset for accessing the data , since the dataset is created in client side there is no need of connection at the time of working on dataset ,to the server(where the database is present), so this makes the data accessing faster mainly in the net environment. Source:
Question: What is the Best Practice for binding Controls [Data in the data grid is to be binded with the controls of some form ] ?

Answer: public partial class UseDataList : System.Web.UI.Page
protected DataTable GetInventory()

String strConnection =

DbProviderFactory f =

DbConnection connection = f.CreateConnection();
connection.ConnectionString = strConnection;


DbCommand Source:
Question: Hi i have a doubt.Interviewer asked me: How did you design your data access layer?
What should i tell for that question suppose if i use SQL server or Oracle?

Answer: The Data Access Layer, which is coming from 3-tier Architecture model.All data accessing code will maintain single entity(Data Access Layer),which is Execute NonQuery,Execute Scalar,Execute Reader and Dataset. Source:
Question: How can i identify the updated rows in a dataset?

Answer: Using Rowstate property of the DataRow. Source:
Question: How to pass multiple tables in datasets simultaneously?

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: How to bind the controls(best practice) comboboxes to the data in the dataset ?

Answer: I will give the cod e for itComboBox1.DataSorce = ds;ComboBox1.DataTextField = "ColumnNameOfTheTable";ComboBox1.DataBind(); Source:
Question: How can we add a check box or a dropdown list to a column in a datagrid?

Answer: By using template column, as






Question: What is difference in Record set and Dataset ?

Answer: Data Reader worked as conventional Record Set of VB but Data Set Can store a complete database with all the relations and constraints.

Data Reader worked in Read only where as Data Set provide u the flexibility of Updating data also.

Data Reader worked in connected mode only, whereas Data set works in disconnected mode also.
Question: Differences between OLEDB SQL SERVER , OLEDBDOTNET PROVIDER ?

Answer: OleDBDotNet Provider can be used to connect to any DataSource but OleDb SQL SERVER can be used to connect only to a SQL Server DataSource. Source:
Question: How can we identify the controls which can be used for binding data?

Answer: Control which drives from BaseDataBoundControl Class

Serves as the base class for controls that bind to data using an ASP.NET data source control.
Question: what are the basic diffence in between DATAGRID, DATAVIEW, DATATABLE. and how we decide which one is most suitable for project.

Answer: DATAGRID: This is the UI where data will be display in the frientend

DATATABLE:This is where Data will be store in back end either SQL database or ORACLE database

DATAVIEw:We can crate the userview in datagrid Source:
Question: 1,how to protect the cookies in particular textbox?it means in web page some text box
allow cookies, some box does not allow cookies. how to do it?please reply me.

2,how to calculate the particular user
hit our webpage?( no of times hit)

3,how to calculate no of online users of
our webpage?

Answer: Cookies are small piease of code store separtetly .They have priority time maintainence to expire the data thease are done by expiration policy either sliding or abosolute.

Question: list all the classes those are used for database connections between sql server and

Answer: 1.SqlClientPermission - Enables the .NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server to help ensure that a user has a security level adequate to access a data source.

2.SqlClientPermissionAttribute - Associates a security action with a custom security attribute.

3. SqlCommand - Represents a Transact-SQL statement or stored procedure to execute against a SQL Server database. This class cannot be inherited.

4.SqlCommandBuilder - Automatically generates single-table commands used Source:
Question: What is difference in an Abstract Class and an Interface.

Answer: An Abstract class has abstract methods. An Abtsract class can not be instanitiated directly. All the abtract methods are implemented in the derived class. There is no multiple inheritance here.

Interface class also has abstract methods and all of them are public. You can have multiple inheritance with Interfaces.
Question: What is main difference between ado and

Answer: ADO and ADO.NET are different in several ways:

? ADO works with connected data. This means that when you access data, such as viewing and updating data, it is real-time, with a connection being used all the time. This is barring, of course, you programming special routines to pull all your data into temporary tables.

ADO.NET uses data in a disconnected fashion. When you access data, ADO.NET makes a copy of the data using XML. ADO.NET only holds the connection open long eno Source:


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