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Microsoft.NET 2.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Microsoft.NET 2.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Microsoft .NET Framework is a software component that is a part of several Microsoft Windows operating systems. It has a large library of pre-coded solutions to common programming problems and manages the execution of programs written specifically for the .Net Framework. The .NET Framework is a technology that supports building and running the next generation of applications and Web services. The .NET Framework consists of the common language runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework class library, which includes ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Try Microsoft.NET 2.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Microsoft.NET 2.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Microsoft.NET 2.0 Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: how we can use datagrid value in select statements where condition ,if cell is hyperlink bounded column

Answer: We can check it item_databound event of the datagrid. Source:
Question: Explain 2 tier ,3 tier architecture

Answer: 2 Tier Architecture:
This appliation having only Presentation Layer and Database Layer.

3 Tier Architecture:
This application having Presentation Layer(User Interface) ,Business Layer for only calling Database Layer,Database Access Layer(DAL for maintaining Data Access Method). Source:
Question: How can create multiple inheritence inc#, with example?

Answer: A class can implement multiple interfaces.

public class A : Ix, Iy,Iz

This way you can achieve multiple inheritence
Question: What is the procedure to add assemly to GAC to make it shared one?

Answer: Strong name the assembly using snk and copy the assembly into the windows/assembly folder

Question: What is the difference between response.redirect & server.transfer?

Answer: according to my view diff. bw these two is response is an object which acess the redirect element whereas in other server is the object which acess the trasnsfer element.overall we can say that diff is of name of object.... Source:
Question: What is the reason of occuring overflow-underflow arithmatic exception error, it shows error message when we run our
program by adding control

Answer: Its due to Divide by Zero Error i.e 5/0

Question: How i prepare parameterized(with more than one parameters) crystal report.pls tell me the code prodecure,if any body can.

Answer: It works for me with this code:ParameterFields paramFields = new ParameterFields(); //setdata ParameterField param_date = new ParameterField(); param_date.ParameterFieldName = "date"; ParameterDiscreteValue d = new ParameterDiscreteValue(); d.Value =" - "+this.datesf; param_date.CurrentValues.Add(d); paramFields.Add(param_date); //set number ParameterField param_no = new ParameterField(); param_no.ParameterFieldName = "number"; ParameterDiscreteValue number = new ParameterDiscreteValu Source:
Question: What are the components in .Net??

Answer: In-Process Components<br><br>In .NET, components built as DLLs run within the process space of the host application and share memory and processor time with their host applications. At run time, the component (which is part of the host application's assembly and is referenced by its manifest) is loaded from disk and added to the host application's process space. Because no remote procedure calls are generated to mediate communication between the component and its host, settin Source:
Question: In .NET Compact Framework, can I free memory explicitly without waiting for garbage collector to free the memory?

Answer: NET Compact Framework come with CLR which perform automatic

garbage collector to free the memory without using destector(perform

garbage collector when is declear)

Question: How different are interface and abstract class in .Net?

Answer: when a class is not provided with full functionalitythen it is declared as doesn't support instance creation as well as it cannot be overridable to child class.interface is a colection of methods only without functionality.interface is 90% same as abstract class. Source:
Question: How to rename a table using sql queries?

Answer: This done by

exec sp_rename 'oldTableName' , 'newTableName'

Use server side for secure validation. Use client side for fast,user friendly validations.

Execute sp_rename 'oldtablename', 'newtableaname'
Question: What is the diff b/w & and tell about its architecture.

Answer: ASP.NET is a web-development platform.VB.NET is a language.Web-development with ASP.NET platform HTML,CSS, Client side scripts, ASP.NET tags and code behind with VB.NET or C#.NET or J#/C++ combination. Source:
Question: A developer company sends dll's to the client. some
client is not happy current functionality, so request
some modification. developer made some changes and
send new dll to all clients. Some client is happy with
old version, tell me minimal change to so that neither
clients get affected.

Answer: In we have a version control in there we have this is the old version of Dll we have change only the for the New dll which is compablitly of the ealry version. Source:
Question: What rare the Types of JIT and what is econo-JIT

Answer: Types of jit : prejit,ecno jit,normal jit

pre jit : convert source code to native code in single completion of cycle.Normally this can be done at the time of deployment.

econo jit : coverts the only called methods to native code,however it can be removed when are not required.

normal jit : compliled the called methods to native code.In the the methods can be compiles for the first time.For latter calls it can be displayed using cached items.
Question: What is the new features 3.5 frame work against with the tool?

Answer: Ajax tools are now available with this version. Source:
Question: What is marshling

Answer: Marshaling performs the necessary conversions in data formats between managed and unmanaged code.CLR allows managed code to interoperate with unmanaged code usining COM Marshaler(Component of CLR)
Question: Consider a datagrid in windows application. Here item, rate, qty, amount field are there. When user enters rate and qty, amount should be automatically calculated. When enter key is pressed, the cursor should go from item to rate and then qty and then amount. But amount should be automatically calculated. In Grid when button is clicked, then and then only new row should be created and another button is clicked, row should be removed.Thus give me the solution.

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: What is IL in VB.Net?

Answer: All .Net Compatible Language will run in IL or MSIL(InterMediate language or Microsoft Intermediate Language).The Language Like VB.Net,C# and J# ....<br> Source:
Question: Can 2 different applications use the same dll in GAC at the same time?

Answer: Yes Source:


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