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Business Objects Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Business Objects Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Business Objects is a French enterprise software company, specializing in business intelligence (BI). BusinessObjects XI, with components that provide performance management, planning, reporting, query and analysis, and enterprise information management.

Try Business Objects Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Business Objects Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Business Objects Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What would you consider as your biggest achievement and why?

Answer: THOUGH my biggest achievement is still to be achieved ,and that would be if I am able to give all the happiness to my family along with a reputed professional position. Source:
Question: What is a fantrap in Business Objects?

Answer: Actually FAN TRAP is a problem that occurs in Universe Level. Loop occurs while we design the universe.

Two Types of Loop Problem:


Definition: Two One-to-many table link eachother is in turn linked another one-to-many table.


Definition: Two Many-to-one table converges on one single lookup table.

Loop can be detected while INTEGRITY CHECK is done. An option is the Source:
Question: What are all difference between business objects 6.5 and XI R2

Answer: I have found some differences b/w BO and XI and only the last is specific to XIR2

Difference between BO and XI

BO uses classic BO Architecture and XI uses crystal classic Architecture

BO uses 57 tables for BO repo and 8 tables for auditor where as XI uses 8 tables for CMS and 6 tables for auditor

BO has different security domains where as XI doesn?t has no different security domains

BO, all objects are stored in repository w Source:
Question: What is the difference between BoXIR2 and BOXIR3?

Answer: 1.XIR3 can use Excel document as a data provider which was not possible in XIR2.

2.We can open XIR2 universes using XIR3 Designer but XIR3 universe cannot be opened using earlier versions of designer. Source:
Question: I have three predefined prompts.In a report it will come randomly.How they will come in a specified format?

Answer: The Prompts will appear in the alphabetical order.

To make them appear in the order of our requirement, need to prefix a numerical with the prompt
Question: What is a Data Cube?What is its use ?

Answer: Data cube will present in BO tool.

Data cube is used for storing the data values which we are using in the documents.

We can clear the data cube by using purge command.

Data provider is used to retrived the datas from data cube to documents.
Question: Give the notes and functionalities of cascading prompts,@script in business objects

Answer: Syntax

@Prompt ('message', ['type'], [lov], [MONO|MULTI], [FREE|CONSTRAINED])

message is the text of a message within single quotes.
type can be one of the following: 'A' for alphanumeric, 'N' for number, or 'D' for date.
lov can be either a list of values enclosed in brackets (each value must be within single quotes and separated by commas) or the name of a class and object separated by a backslash and within single quotes. Source:
Question: What is a bo repository

Answer: Repository means set of database tables, Business object store security information e.g user, group, access permission, user type etc. , universe information e.g. objects, classes, table name, column name, relation ship etc.and document information Source:
Question: How we drill up week to Month?

Answer: In data Warehouse when u change + symbol to - , u would c all the aggregation level in that + this is called rolling down.

So if u again click over that - it would again compressed back to +. This is call drill up.

your Aggregation levels woudl b like


So by changing the symbol from - to + at month aggregation level u can drill up.
Question: clearly explain the difference between union and group

The difference between union and group is as follows:

take two tables t1 and t2.

in t1 we have columnss like a,b,c,d. and t2 has a,d,e,f.

so union means t1 union t2 i.e getting result from both tables i.e a,b,c,d,e.,f

where as group performs on a indiviual column in a particular table.
Question: What if a cartesian product pop up block appears when running a report. Does it give wrong values? How to solve this issue?

Answer: Cartesian product is getting incorrect results.

for instance if we have a cham trap or a fan trap n we din't solve them after checking the integrity also we get duplicate results of the same record ie nothing but cartesian product.


we have customer,orders,loans classes

orders for one product if the product_price is 150$ it will appear twice in the report due to traps bcoz of the cartesian product thats why to solve the cham trap we create context and in orde Source:
Question: How to filter repeatative values in the report to get distinct values.

Example: In any database we can use distinct command But My Report source is flatfile.Therfore,I cann't manipulate source system.

Is there any command or function to filter repeating records/values in the report.

Answer: Using the eliminate duplicates option is one way.

In a clightly different scenario, duplicates could come up due to the design structure of the report. e.g.

In some specific cases, one may want to display a value in one field (say in a folded report) but multiple values come up (which could give you a COMPUTATION ERROR). To avoid such situation, one can define a variable which would e the max of the original field required. That ways the same value is fetched and also only one val Source:
Question: Are Data mart and DWH normalised or denormalised ? Do both of them exist in
the same tier ?

Answer: Yes both can exist on the same tier because Datamart is a subset of data warehouse and it supports a particular region, business unit or business function.

The data in the Datamart and DWH is Denormalized and optimized for OLAP systems Source:
Question: When we use aggergate awarness function in designer?

Answer: 1. In order to solve fan trap in busines objects we either create alias table or aggregate awareness function

2. Through aggregate navigation we can also select the compatable as well as incompatable objects

Ex:-year, quarter, month, week, day

year:-quarter, month, week, day are compatable objects

quarter:-year?class is incompatable and month, week, day are compatible.

3. We specify the objects in descending order

Question: Product date sales
p1 20/Jan/1999 100
p1 20/Feb/1999 200
p1 20/apl/1999 100
p1 20/DEC/1999 50
p1 20/Jan/2000 100
p1 20/mar/2000 500

now i want query like
product ,sum of actual year ,sum of business year
p1 450 750

here actual year means 1 Jan 1999 to 31 st Jan 1999
business year means 1 st APR 1999 to 31 st mar 200

Answer: Guess you can try this

(select product,sales S_A_Y from info where date >= 1 st Jan 1999 & date =<
31 st Jan 1999 groupby product) sal1 ,
(select product,sales S_B_Y from info where date >= 1 st Apr 1999 & date =<
31 st Mar 2000 groupby product) sal2
where sal1.product=sal2.product ;
Question: Can you please clarify the difference between compatible and incompatible objects? when we will use these two?

Answer: When you are defining Aggregate tables in Universe design, you need to create hirarchies for aggregated objects, for that you need to make the relative objects incompatible (the objects which are of lower level of aggregation -- not of hirarchy).

If you have Year,Quarter,Month,Day as a hirarchy, while aggregation, you need to define as follows -

Year - Quarter,Month,Day Compatibles

Quarter - Month, Day Compatibles, Year Non-compatible

Month - Day Compatible, Year,Quar Source:
Question: Can someone please give some information on REPORT BURSTING and how to do it in BCA as i have to split the report and send diff reports to diff people

Answer: If some part of the data in your report is sensative, you can't risk sending the whole report to everybody, even to those who need to see the least sensative part of report !

Solution is Report Bursting.

You can send reports to BCA for scheduled processing & distribution to users based on THEIR profiles (profile = user rights) & not based on your profile !

BO 5 & WebI 2.5 procedure to do this :

Open the document, click "Send to BroadCast Agent" on Doc Exchange to Source:
Question: What is drill filter and it's usage ? How many types of filters are there ?

Answer: Three types of drill is in BO.1.drill up,2.drill down,3.drill thro'.

drill up means second->minutes->hour->->day

drill down means region->country->state->district

drill thro'--wht ever u want that element
Question: How do we test the reports in the business objects? How to creates the tabs in the reports?

Answer: In the central mangement consol one can test the report. jsut go to the link http://ipadress:port no/businessobjects/enterprise11/admin/en/admin.cwr .every thing can chk from the bo. Source:
Question: Currently I am sending the report to users in excel format,if there is no data also the report will be sent,Is there any option in BO to stop report from being sent if there is no data in the report?

Answer: The time interval will be fixed for sending the report If you are generating or not a default report will be sent regularly, to stop sending you have to condact your admin Source:

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