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BO Designer Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

BO Designer Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

A Business Objects Universe is the semantic layer that resides between an organization's database and the end user but more importantly, it is a business representation of your data warehouse or transactional database. SAP Business Objects Designer: Universe Designer is a graphical design tool used to create the rich ?semantic layer? (metadata) that makes SAP Business Objects products intuitive for non-technical users. It's a graphical abstraction of the dimensional models that exist in your data warehouse.

Try BO Designer Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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BO Designer Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try BO Designer Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: what is index awareness in universe?

Answer: Index awareness is the ability to take advantage of the indexes on key columns to speed data retrieval. Source:
Question: Theta join

Answer: Theta join?A theta join is created when the data in two fields from two tables is related via some comparison operator other than equals (=). For example, a not-equal join relates data using the not equal operator (<>). For example, suppose you want to compare the unit price data in Northwind's Order Details table with the unit price data in the Products table. Specifically, you want to see those orders where the unit price of the order differs from the unit price of the product. --- C Source:
Question: Personal connection

Answer: Personal connections are used to access resources such as universe or document

Question: How do you design a universe?

Answer: The design method consists of two major phases.

During the first phase, you create the underlying database structure of your universe. This structure includes the tables and columns of a database and the joins by which they are linked. You may need to resolve loops which occur in the joins using aliases or contexts. You can conclude this phase by testing the integrity of the overall structure.

During the second phase, you can proceed to enhance the components of your universe. You Source:
Question: What is mean by aggregate aware?
How we are using this function?

Answer: Aggregate awareness is a term that describes the ability of a universe to make use of aggregate tables in a database. These are tables that contain precalculated data. You can use a function called @Aggregate_Aware in the Select statement for an object that directs a query to be run against aggregate tables rather than a table containing non aggregated data.

Speed up the execution of query and Improve the performance of Sql transaction.

If you are using the aggregate tabl Source:
Question: Which command using Query Analyzer will give you the version of SQL server and operating system

Answer: Select @@version is the command that will give the said details Source:
Question: Broadcost agent

Answer: Broadcast agent is used for scheduling or bursting the reports.

thru this,you can schedule your reports so that end-users can access reports thru internet.

you have broadcast administration console here thru which,you can schedule reports and watch the tasks even.It is an administrator tool of Business Object.
Question: Shared connection

Answer: The secured connections are used to access universe or document. It can be used by several users.

Question: What is slicing and dicing in business objects?

Answer: Slice & Dice is facility in BO. we can enables change the positions of data in in Bo we slice & dice panel by using this we can create cross tables and masterdetails tables. Source:
Question: What is the local filter and global filter in bo's?

Answer: Local Filter >>Specific to a block (Table/cross tab/ chart etc..)

Global Filter >> Specific to a TAB in a report

If a report has multiple Tabs, each can have its own Local and Global filters.
Question: What is pragma?

Answer: # pragma pack preprocessor dirictive specifies the byte boundary for packing members of c structures.syntax: #pragma pack(n) Source:
Question: Qualification

Answer: The qualification of an object reveals how it can be used in multidimensional analysis. An object can be qualified as a dimension, a detail, or a measure.

In the Universe window, the symbol beside each object indicates its qualification:

a for a dimension
a for a measure
a for a detail
Question: What are the security level used in BO?

Answer: We have securities in business objects


1.Windows authentication

2.RDBMS securities

3.supervisor level securities, ie User name/ password
Question: How to create Universe using Flat file in BO6.0

Answer: Business Objects deals with databases, for every universe you need to specify a database connection. flat files dont have the database format so you'll need to convert them into some database. to do that, you will need to write a procedure which will read data from flat files & relate it according to surrogate keys, then using that procedure populate the database & then use that database for the source of the universe.

using flat files ONLY , you can not create universe. because there Source:
Question: Hierarchy

Answer: A series of dimensions used for analysis based on user requierments Source:
Question: Outer join

Answer: Outer Join - method of retreiving selected rows from one table that doesn't match rows with the other table.

Question: Workgroup mode

Answer: Designer lets you save universes in either enterprise or workgroup mode.

Enterprise mode means that you are working in an environment with a repository. Workgroup mode means that you are working without a repository. The mode in which you save your universe determines whether other designers are able to access them.

Question: Shortcut join

Answer: Short cut join joins the two tables which r already in a path.SCJ skips the intermmediate tables and joins the table which are already in the common path,

using SCJ increases thge performance of the query bcoz the no of tables in the query decreases that means the retreival of the data is more faster rather than before.

for instance if we have customer,orders,order_line classes and cust id object is there in three classes and customer is joined to order_line through orders n we wa Source:
Question: Explain the SQL Queries activated to data base from Data provider in BO ?

Answer: BO automatically generates the SQL query when objects are selected into query panel. When you run the query, the query is processed to database based on your connectivity.

for ex: If you run query using, Local Machine Full Client (BO reporter), the query directly connects to database through midilleware

Full Client <---> Database

If you run query using Webi, the webi browser will connects to Web Server and Webserver will proces request to Database.

WEBI <---& Source:
Question: What's the Functional & Architectural Differences between Business Objects & Web Intelligence Reports?

Answer: Functional Differences :

1.BusinessObjects client needs to be installed on every PC from where you want to build / access reports. WebI needs just a browser & URL(of the server from where it will access BO).

2.BOMAIN.Key file needs to be copied on every individual PC that uses BO client. WebI doesn't need it.

3.You need to stick to those PCs which have BO client installed, WebI can let you access even when you are roaming anywhere in the world(provided the access conditi Source:

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