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Reportnet Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Reportnet Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Cognos ReportNet (CRN) is a web-based software product for creating and managing ad hoc and custom-made reports. ReportNet is developed by the Ottawa based company Cognos (formerly Cognos Incorporated), an IBM company. The web-based reporting tool was launched in September 2003. Reportnet is both an information infrastructure and a new setup of functions to assist data and information flows resulting from reporting obligations.

Try Reportnet Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Reportnet Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Reportnet Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Is there any comparison available for Cognos Reportnet Vs Crystal reports?

Answer: There is a lot of difference between Crystal reports an Cognos Report net.

1.Crystal report is a product of Business Objects where as Reportnet is of cognos.

2.Cryatal reports is for only low 2 midrange analysis and that to some even says tha they wont use this for analysis used to make proper strategic decision But report net yes it is for high end analysis.

3.In reportnet we can login through web and can create our own desired report through web.
Question: What is the main advantage of impromptu over cognos reportnet?

Answer: One of the advantage's of Reportnet, is

1. It is web-based reporting wherein, reports can be easily accessed from anywhere through a browser.
Question: What is the difference between Native SQL and Cognos SQL?

Answer: In cognos reportnet

Native SQL is used for the single datasource to import the meta data

Cognos SQL used for multiple datasources to import the metadata
Question: What is the Difference between PowerPlay transformer and power play reports?

Answer: 'Powerplay transformer' is an 'MOLAP' tool using which one can create multi dimensional structure called "CUBE".

'Powerplay for reports' is used to generate report from the cube.Only one report can be generated from one cube.If u want 'n' reports u must create 'n' cubes.

Question: What are necessary tasks to install reportnet software

Answer: You need to do the following for a standard installation process:
(1) Verify your system requirements like RAM Minimum: 512 MB, a Web server installed and started
(2) Review the ReportNet default settings like default ReportNet ports and URI settings.
(3) Create the database for the content store which means you must create the database that is used for the content store using either Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or DB2 UDB. ReportNet uses this database to store, organize, and retrieve< Source:
Question: What are components of report studio?

Answer: Componenets of Report Studio:

1. Insertable Objects pane.

2. Properties pane.

3. Explorer bar - Conditional Explorer, Query Explorer, Page Explorer.

4. Report Viewer - Workarea, Report Layout Objects.
Question: What are the advantages of query studio compared to report studio

Answer: The query studio is used to create adhoc reports, it is easy to understand the bussiness user.The report studio is mainly used to create proffessional and corporate reports, it is not like query studio it is having mainly 3 explorers those are page explorer,conditional explorer and variable explorer by using these it is working. Source:
Question: What is the use of tabular model,tabular SQL,tabular reference in real time application?

Answer: Tabular model: It is the basic list query. It contain the data items, filters and child tabular objects.

Tabular SQL: We can write and edit our own SQL

Tabular ref: It is a shortcut to another tabular object somewhere in another query within the same report specification.

Tabular set: Tabular set object returns a single result set using union, intersect or minus operators Source:
Question: How to generate IQD file from framework manager

Answer: Create a Query Subject, from the properties pane select externalise,there we have 4 options in that select IQD Source:
Question: What is the difference between DW and BI?

Answer: There may be a Feature film (movie) without a Trialer.But there will be no trialer without a movie.similarly Data warehousing is a concept related to extracting client's business data and applying business processing features on that data according to user needs and finally loading the processed data into a database,this database is what we call a warehouse or data warehouse. After the completion of a data warehouse the business user ultimately want to view his data (a precise and summary da Source:
Question: How do we drill through from a powerplay cube to reportnet?

Answer: Setting up drill-through access from PowerPlay Web to ReportNet involves

1. configuring Cognos Series 7 for drill-through access to ReportNet
2. preparing the Transformer model and cube
3. copying the search path of the folder that contains the target report
4. enabling the cube for drill-through access to ReportNet
5. deciding which filters to create in the target report
6. creating the target report
7. disabling the Drill Through Assistant

Question: How do we provide security in frame work manager for a query subject?

Answer: procedure for providing security for query subject in frame work manager is:

select querysubject -> in properties pane select ->security filters(click on edit)a specify data security wizard appears->click on add groups -> cognosnamesspace(select users and groups wizard opens)
Question: How do you define a cube??

Answer: Its a multidimensional view of dimension and measures. It is used to analyze the data in various aspects, which is called slicing and dicing Source:
Question: How can i test report in reportnet

Answer: If we wanna test the report in report net, first we can intially check by validating it in the report page.

After that we can test the out put of the report Using a sql anlyser and sql here we will be comparing the sql analyzer output with the output of the report viewer.
Question: Report Studio allows you to create the data model from a query and thereby skipping Framework Manager. Given that this feature is available, in what scenarios would one want to skip Framework Manager? Is Framework Manager an un-needed overhead?

Answer: Actually the it is not possible to make reports without packages and packages can be build in FM. So no way one can skip FM and create reports.Adding to it,we need metadata (created in FM) to create relations among tables or views and also creating objects which satisfies reporting need. Source:
Question: I want to display zero when null values coming to report how can I do that?

Answer: You can follow this procedure :::

Lets assume revenue is the field in which we have to display null values as 0.
First create a calculated item and
Then write the expression of the cal item using If Then Else construct as
If (Revenue is null) Then ('0') Else(Revenue)
I think u can easily understand this.
Now u can see that the null values r displayed as '0' in the calculated item.
Question: How can we generate the cubes in framework manager?

Answer: You can create the IQD file from framework manager.

This IQD file will be used by Transformer to create the cube.
Question: What is the Difference between PowerPlay transformer and power play reports?

Answer: 'Powerplay transformer' is an 'MOLAP' tool using which one can create multi dimensional structure called "CUBE".

'Powerplay for reports' is used to generate report from the cube.Only one report can be generated from one cube.If u want 'n' reports u must create 'n' cubes.
Question: Wht is the extension of file to save template?
What is the difference between drill through and masterdetail reports?

Answer: Template extension is .imt Source:
Question: What is difference b/w model&package?

Answer: Model is a representation of the metadata structures(imported from the soure datawarehouse).A model contains organized metadata objects(organizing depends on business needs).After the completion of a model(obviously in a framework manager environment) it has to submitted to ReportNet server.There enterts the object called Package.A Package compresses(or includes) the developed meta data definitions and publishes (forwards) it to ReportNet server.Then the reportnet server moves it into a content Source:

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