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Cognos Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Cognos Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Cognos is IBM's business intelligence (BI) and performance management software suite. The software is designed to enable business users without technical knowledge to extract corporate data, analyze it and assemble reports. Cognos (Cognos Incorporated) was an Ottawa, Ontario-based company making business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) software. Founded in 1969, at its peak Cognos employed almost 3,500 people and served more than 23,000 customers in over 135 countries until being acquired by IBM on January 31, 2008.

Try Cognos Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Cognos Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Cognos Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Please explain the different stages in creating a report in cognos report net

Answer: Before creating any report in report net make sure you are have the planning information you need.

Creating a report involves following steps:

Specifying a package
Choose a package through cognos connection>report studio>Select a module from the list.
Choosing a report template
Create a empty report first,click one of the predefined report templates ,click OK.
Adding query items
In the insertable objects plane,select the query item that you want to add to repor Source:
Question: How to publish powerplay reports using PPES?
Explain the steps??

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: How can create users and permissions in cognos?

Answer: In impromptu menu go to Catlog->User profiles -> userclass tab -> click on Creator ->u can give there folder access,table access,filters,Governor etc
Question: 1.what is difference between PAGE BREAK and Section Report?

2.what is Main Advantage Datawarehousing over Oracle?

Answer: Section-section is eliminate the duplicate recod.but report looking separate bluck.
setpagebreak means to display the reports in onepage. eg. suppose u create a list report ordermethod,orderyear,revenu
when u create section on will eliminate the duplicate record.but when u apply the set display in fax reports in onepage,email reports in another page.this in cognos 8 querystudio.
but in report studio u can do using propetispan.its right or wr Source:
Question: use this query i am retriving all years OCt data from 01-10-2004 to 30-10-2007

i need to restrect this query to current date and current year

[gosales_goretailers].[Orders].[Order month]between 01 and to_number(to_char(current_date,'MM'))and [gosales_goretailers].[Orders].[Order month]=to_number(to_char(current_date,'MM'))
pass polar ID

Answer: You have a function called 'extract' in cognos.

Ex:- extract(month,the dte field). by giving like this you will get month. so you can keep a filter to restrict the rows only for october.
Question: What you mean by Drill across and what is the difference between drill through,drill across?

Answer: Drill across means when you are moving from one report to another report like country in one report and States in another Report whereas if the report is using same report from moving from country to state. In other when you are moving details level if you are using the different report it is drill across and if you are using same report it is drill through. Source:
Question: What Junk Dimension contains?

Answer: Problem Description<br><br>What are looping joins and how do you resolve them?<br><br>Solution Description<br><br>Looping joins could potentially return incorrect data.<br>An example of a looping join, <br><br>B -> C<br>A -> < > -> D<br>E -> F<br><br>When you select an item from table A and D, Impromptu will try to choose the shortest path, e.g. if A -> D existed, then this is the path Impromptu wi Source:
Question: What is Cognos Powerhouse and what is it used for?

Answer: Cognos Powerhouse is High-Productivity Application Development Solutions equips you with high-productivity development environments for creating your data-driven business solutions faster,whether for Web-based, client/server, or traditional terminal-based access. PowerHouse has gained a worldwide reputation for productivity, reliability, performance, and flexibility. Source:
Question: What is the difference between filter and condition? clear definition?

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: What is drill down and slicing and dicing whats the difference between them.

Answer: Drilling lets you quickly move from one level of detail to another to explore different aspects of your business. Drilling down moves you down in the hierarchy; drilling up moves you up in the hierarchy.

Slicing and Dicing

While you can drill to look at information at any level, you can slice and dice to select the exact information you want in your report.

Question: what is meant by alternate drill down with ex?

Answer: Ans of Quest. 7 - Alternate drill down path means there will be two path to opt.For example- We will have time dimension now the client requirement is they want two type of year -one is claender year(Jan-Dec) and another is fiscal year(Apr-Mar).

Question: How can i schedule reports in cognos

Answer: By using Cognos Schedular, one can schedule the running reports in Impromptu to execute and save it in desired format.

By using Cognos MACRO script language the reports can be executed and distributed to recipients by using mail applications.

Compiled Cognos MACROs can be scheduled using Cognos Schedular.
Question: Suppose you run a report with empty data , how will you inform the end user that it has no data ,while running the report in report studio?is it possible , if so how?

Answer: Add a list footer and a text messsage inside "No Data". create a booloean conditional variable "Test" with code "rownum()>0". Select the complete list footer and set Style Variable, if Yes, Box Type of the List footer should be set to "none". This should work...RD Source:
Question: What is model and say about process how to create model and how to test model

Answer: Model Definition

Model in PowerPlay Transformer is combiantion of five windows- Dimension Map,Data Source, Measures,Power cube,Sign On. Models specify the data sources and then defining the dimensions, levels,and measures.They may also contain dimension views, user classes, user class views, and other authentication-related information.
The information for a model is stored in a model file, with the extension .pyi (binary, means platform depentent) or .mdl (text,platform independent). Source:
Question: How u can connect different database in reportnet?
wht is the extension file to save a template?
give example for drillthrough and masterdetail reports in CRM domain?

Answer: Template?extension is .imt Source:
Question: What are the Ways to Import Data into Catalong?(2 ways)

Answer: one through Database optionother one though hotfile option Source:
Question: What is IQD?What is contained in IQD? How you create IQD In ReportNet FrameWork?

Answer: 1. Create a new namespace.<give it a name, say, IQDReportNet>

2. Create a new query subject inside IQDReportNet.

3.In the query subject definition window, pull in all the data you need.

4. after creating, click on the new query subject, from the properties pane, select "IQD" from the drop down menu of externalizeMethod.


to Publish. u need to create a package.

1. create a new package. a WIZARD will open.

2. Name the new Package; select Source:
Question: How create measures and Demensions?

Answer: You can create measure once you import all the data into the data source.You can create measures and dimensions by draging the required source from datasource into dimension map and measure tab.(need to find scope of measures for all the dimensions)

Question: What are the limitations of cognos reportnet?
What are the enhancements in reportnet ?








Question: How you drill from powerPLay to Impromptu?Explain all Steps.

Answer: goto tranformer,

build the cube

right click on the cube and open properties

go to drill through tab and select your report from that browse option

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