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OLAP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

OLAP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

OLAP is an acronym for Online Analytical Processing. OLAP performs multidimensional analysis of business data and provides the capability for complex calculations, trend analysis, and sophisticated data modeling. In computing, online analytical processing, or OLAP, is an approach to answering multi-dimensional analytical (MDA) queries swiftly. OLAP is part of the broader category of business intelligence, which also encompasses relational database, report writing and data mining.

Try OLAP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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OLAP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try OLAP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How to enable security in cognos connection in cognos report net

Answer: You can imlement security via your Windows NT system accounts, LDAP accounts for Cognos connection. To do this configure the desired Security section in the Cognos Configuration. Source:
Question: Explain about MOLAP?

Answer: Classic form of OLAP is known as MOLAP and it is often called as OLAP. Simple database structures such as time period, product, location, etc are used. Functioning of each and every dimension or data structure is defined by one or more hierarchies. Source:
Question: What is candidate check?

Answer: Binning process when creates the binned indexes, answers only some queries. The base data is not checked. The process of checking the base data is called as a candidate check. Candidate check at times may consume more time that binning process. This depends on the user query and how well it matches with the bin. Source:
Question: Explain the functionality of OLAP.

Answer: * Multidimensional analysis:- OLAP helps the user gain an insight on the data coming from different sources.
* OLAP helps faster execution of complex analytical and ad-hoc queries.
* Allows trend analysis periodically.
* Drill down abilities. Source:
Question: Explain about candidate check?

Answer: The process which is underlined during the check of base data is known as candidate check. When performing candidate check performance varies either towards the positive side or to the negative side. Performance of candidate check depends upon the user query and also they examine the base data. Source:
Question: Explain the shared features of OLAP.

Answer: OLAP product by default is read only. If multiple access rights are required, admin needs to make necessary changes. It is predominant to make necessary security changes for multiple updates. Source:
Question: What are the different industries which use this marketing tool?

Answer: Many different companies can use this tool for developing their business strategy but it is often three major industries which use this tool more. Those three industries are Consumer goods industries, Retail industries, and financial services industry. These industry`s have huge amount of data in their disposal which makes then to use these tools to determine their exact customer. Source:
Question: Explain about shared features of OLAP?

Answer: Shared implements most of the security features into OLAP. If multiple accesses are required admin can make necessary changes. The default security level for all OLAP products is read only. For multiple updates it is predominant to make necessary security changes. Source:
Question: Explain about aggregations?

Answer: OLAP can process complex queries and give the output in less than 0.1 seconds, for it to achieve such a performance OLAP uses aggregations. Aggregations are built by aggregating and changing the data along the dimensions. Possible combination of aggregations can be determined by the combination possibilities of dimension granularities. Source:
Question: Explain the role of bitmap indexes to solve aggregation problems.

Answer: Bitmap indexes are useful in connecting smaller databases to larger databases. Bit map indexes can be very useful in performing repetitive indexes. Multiple Bitmap indexes can be used to compute conditions on a single table. Source:
Question: What is Binning?

Answer: Binning can be used to hold multiple values in one bin. Bitmaps are then used to represent the values in each bin. This helps in reducing the number of bitmaps regardless of the encoding mechanism. Source:
Question: What are MOLAP and ROLAP?

Answer: Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing and Relational Online Analytical Processing are tools used in analysis of data which is multidimensional. ROLAP does not require the data to be computed beforehand. ROLAP access the Relational database and uses SQL queries for user requests. MOLAP on the other hand, requires the data to be computed before hand. The data is stored in a multidimensional array. Source:
Question: Explain the encoding technique used in bitmaps indexes.

Answer: For each distinct value, one bitmap is used. The number of bitmaps can be reduced using log(C) bitmaps with to represent the values in each bin.. Here, C is the number of distinct values. This optimizes space at the cost of accessing bitmaps when a query is generated. Source:
Question: Explain about the database marketing application of OLAP?

Answer: Database marketing tool or application helps a user or marketing professional in determining the right tool or strategy for his valuable add campaign. This tool collects data from all sources and gives relevant information the specialist with their add campaign. It gives a complete picture to the developer. Source:
Question: What is the difference between ETL tool and OLAP tool? What are various ETL in the market? What are various OLAP tools? what is the future for both for next five years?

Answer: ETL is a extraction,transformation,loading tool i.e u can extract , u can transform using different transformations available in tool and aggreagte the data. The output of this ETL tool is used as input to OLAP tool

OLAP is online analytical process, where u can get online reports after doing some joines,creating some cubes

ETL tools in market

1 INFORMATICA-- univeral tool ,good market

2 ABINITO -- fastest loading tool,very good market

3 DATASTAGE-- diffic Source:
Question: Explain about ROLAP?

Answer: Functioning of ROLAP occurs simultaneously with relational databases. Data and tables are stored as relational tables. To hold new information or data new tables are created. Functioning of ROLAP depends upon specialized schema design. Source:
Question: Explain about analysis?

Answer: Analysis defines about the logical and statistical analysis required for an efficient output. This involves writing of code and performing calculations, but most part of these languages does not require complex programming language knowledge. There are many specific features which are included such as time analysis, currency translation, etc. Source:
Question: Explain the concepts and capabilities of OLAP.

Answer: Online analytical processing performs analysis of business data and provides the ability to perform complex calculations on usually low volumes of data. OLAP helps the user gain an insight on the data coming from different sources (multi dimensional). OLAP helps in Budgeting, Forecasting, Financial Reporting, Analysis etc. It helps analysts getting a detailed insight of data which helps them for a better decision making. Source:
Question: Online Analytical Processing

Answer: A tool to evaluate and analyze the data in the data warehouse using analytical queries.

A tool which helps organize data in the data warehouse using multidimensional models of data aggregation and summarization.

Supports the data analyst in real time and enables online analysis of data with speed and flexibility.

Question: Explain about API`s of OLAP?

Answer: Microsoft in the late 1997 introduced a standard API known as OLE DB. After which XML was used for analysis specification and this specification was largely used by many vendors throughout the world as a standard specification. MDX is the standards specification for OLAP. Source:

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