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Test Director Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Test Director Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Test Director allows you to deploy high-quality applications quickly and effectively by providing a consistent, repeatable process for gathering requirements, planning and scheduling tests, analyzing results, and managing defects and issues. TestDirector is a test management tool which includes: Requirements Management - Gillogley Services is experienced in the recording and linking of software requirements in TestDirector to ensure traceability of requirements through to test cases and to defects.

Try Test Director Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Test Director Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Test Director Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Difference between TD 8.0(Test director) and QC 8.0 (Quality Center).

Answer: QUALITY CENTER is developed in Java technology

TEST DIRECTOR was restricted on microsoft tech.


TD moved into Sun tech. and known as QA was launched in apr 2005
Question: Can we create test scripts in QTP without using object repository or objects

Answer: you can create test scripts without using object repository. you can do that by using "descriptive programming". Source:
Question: Can we upload test cases from an excel sheet into Test Director?

Answer: Yes , You can do that. Go to addIn menu in TestDirector , find the Excel add in , and install it in you machine. Now open excel , you can find the new menu option export to Test director . rest of the procedure is self explanatory
Question: What is Remote Agent in QTP?

Answer: Remote agent is nothing but results of execution scripts should be stored in remote machines.<br><br> Source:
Question: How many versions are there in Test Director.
1) when did Test Director 8.0 has released?
2) what's the difference between Test Director 7.0 and 8.0 ?

Answer: There are many version of Test Director such that 5.0,6.0,7.0,8.0. Yes the 8.0 version has been released in the market.
Question: What is meant by Test Lab in Test director?

Answer: Test cases to be executed in test lab. In this tab we are adding the all test cases as a testset. and then run all test cases Source:
Question: How to configure an Informatica workflow in Test Director

Answer: Are you trying to set the test execution sequence...
Question: What the running tests will do in Test Director?

Answer: It execute the test created in the planning test phase, and analyze the test results<br> Source:
Question: Can we map the Defects directly to the requirements (not thru the test cases) in the Test Director?

Answer: yes u can?view the defects directly with req. select a req in TD and click on associated defect button then? it displays defects associated wtith that? req. Source:
Question: I use TestDirector 8.0 SP2 and I want to customize the reports generated. I understood that it is possible to use VB scripts with TestDirector. Can somebody give me an example of a VB script used with TestDirector? Or another solution to customize my report. I used the filters in TestDirector but I need a deeper customization.

Answer: This depends a lot of what you are interested in "reporting on". You have to combine both SQL and VB script to extract data from TD to Excel. To give an example on "general purpose" is therefore somewhat dificult.

Its also possible to "customize" the standard reports given from the "analyze" tab, this is written in XML if you are familiar with this language.

If you log in to Mercury support you will be able to find a lot of code examples.
Question: How to map requirements with testcases in testdirector?(urgent)

Answer: 1. In requirements TAB select coverage view.

2. Select requirement by clicking on Parent/Child or grand Child.

3. On right hand side (in Coverage View Window) another window will appear. It has two TABS (a) Tests Coverage (b) Details. Test Coverage TAB will be selected by default or you click it.

4. Click on Select Tests Button. A new window will appear on right hand side and you will see a list of all tests. You can select any test case you want to map with you requirement. Source:
Question: What the tracking defects will do in Test Director?

Answer: It is used to monitor the software quality. It includes reporting defects,determining repair priorities,assigning tasks,and tracking repair progress Source:
Question: How many types of reports can be generated using TestDirector?

Answer: Reports on TestDirector display information about test requirements, the test plan, test runs, and defect tracking. Reports can be generated from each TestDirector module using the default settings, or you can customize them. When customizing a report, you can apply filters and sort conditions, and determine the layout of the fields in the report. You can further customize the report by adding sub-reports. You can save the settings of your reports as favorite views and reload them as needed.
Question: How can we add requirements to test cases in Test director?

Answer: Just we can use the option of add requirement .

two kind of requirement's is availble in TD.

1. Parent requirement

2. child requirement

Parent requirement is nothing but Title of the requirements its covers hign level functions of the requirements.

child requirement is nothing but sub - Title of the requirents its covers low level functions of the requirement.
Question: How the assessment of the application will be taken place in Test Director?

Answer: As we test, Test Director allows us to continuously assess the status of our application by generating sophisticated reports and graphs. By integrating all tasks involved in software testing Test Director helps us to ensure that our software is ready for deployment. Source:
Question: How to write a code for error handling in WinRunner while testing web applications.Example
in a yahoo mail before entering sign on name and password ,first i want to check for the existence of those boxes using if statement.If it exists then enter the name and pass word else my script should abort.Could any one please explain this

Answer: First create gui checkpoints for two text boxes then u can write if and else conditions


open ur application then start recording,







if u will not get this pls revert back to me.

Question: Explain the project tree in Test Director.

Answer: Project tree in TD: Planning Tests Create Tests Execute Tests Tracking Defects Source:
Question: Can we import data from PDF file to Test Director?If yes then How?

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: How you integrated your automated scripts from TestDirector?

Answer: In WinRunner,
Go to Tools menu and click on TestDirector connection.

Then enter following details on Connection Properties window

3)Username ( if any or esle use Admin)
3)Password ( If any ) Source:
Question: How many types of tabs in test director?

Answer: There are 4 tabs available in Testdirector.

1. Requirement




we can change the name of Tabs as we like. Testdirector enbles us to rename the Tab . In TD there only 4 tabs are availble

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