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Rational Robot Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Rational Robot Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Rational Robot is a complete set of components for automating the testing of Microsoft Windows client/server and Internet applications. The main component of Robot lets you start recording tests in as few as two mouse clicks. Rational Robot is an automated functional, regression testing tool for automating Windows, Java, IE and ERP applications under windows platform. Rational Robot provides test cases for common objects such as menus, lists, bitmaps and specialized test cases for objects specific to the development environment.

Try Rational Robot Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Rational Robot Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Rational Robot Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Is it possible to conduct Unit Testing using with Rational Robot ?
if it is yes, how it is ?

Answer: No, it is not possible to conduct unit testing using rational robot since unit testing i.e., white-box testing is carried out by developers. Rational robot is used to carry out either functional or performance testing which forms a part of black_box testing.

Question: can we do dynamic data verification using rational robot?

what i want to do is use a single data verification point and change its baseline value corresponding to each datapool iteration.
we have done somethins similar using rational functional tester but can we do it using rational robot tester?
i dont want to create baselines manually corresponding to each iteration.
if we have to do coding for the same then can anyone provide me with similar kinda coding?

Answer: Dynamic data verification can be done by using Rational Functional Tester. It has the facility called patteren that helps the testers to change the normal expression into regular one
What is UCM?

Answer: UCM Means is Unified Change Management.

Question: How to capture a window using verification point

Answer: u also can use

window existence verification point

to capture an existance window.

This verification point verifies the existence and status of

specified window during the play back.
Question: Is it possible to have an executable for the script that is made in Rational Robot? Is the script able to take arguements?

Answer: You can have a .BAT file that opens up Robot and executes the necessary script - as such no packaging is provided to make the scripts directly executable.You can write your own functions that wrap CallScript command and accepts args and sets some global values- there by achieveing passing args to scripts Source:
Question: What do .sbl and .sbh represent?

Answer: sbl represents as library file. this file will contain all the detailed level coding of your function which you declared in your header file.

.sbh represents as header file, this file will have all the functions declarations.

Question: How do we connect to database using Rational Robot?

Answer: 1. First we need to create script for single use test

2. Datapools are created

3. Script are edited whih will work for large number of data
Question: What are two types of script recording in rational robot?

Answer: There are two types of recording in rational

1] Low level recording

2] High level recording

Question: What SQABasic commands have you used?

Answer: We can use many Sqabasic Command like

Datapool command

1. SQADataPoolOpen()


3. SQADataPoolValue()


For Calling other Script in Script

1. Callscript( "script name" )
Question: how do you perform dynamic object testing using robot

enter any number b/w 1 to 100 in an edit box, there is command buton, on click of cmd button, if you enter 50, 50 comboxes should be dispalyed, how do you test this??

Answer: Use SQAGetChildren and obtain child count / child names before clicking the cmd button - after clicking the button obtain the list of children again and compare.If recognition strings of the combo boxes follows a fixed pattern i.e. cmbBox1, cmbBox2,... use string concaenation and SQAfindObject to test their existence Source:
Question: In which directory are the .sbl files stored?

Answer: They are stored in source code file and contain procedure defitions to use in the scripts file. Source:
Question: What is the use of requisite pro?

Answer: Using Requisite pro You can store your proj details. You can load all the details you collet from client. SRS, Use Cases, Prototypes, Design....etc.
Question: What is a datapool? what it contains ? how do we create a datapool?briefly give the explanation

Answer: Datapool in rational robot is used to replace single or fixed value with multiple values in single recording instead of doing recording several times for different input datas.

U have to create a script by doing recording .

Select a field in the application for which u want to create a datapool.And goto the test manager Click the tools menu->manage->Datapools to create datapool follow the windows and enter the appropriate Datapool name,Field name its datatype .

And En Source:
Question: Difference between SQAgetpropertyArray and SQAGetPropertyAsString?

Answer: SQAGetPropertyAsArray - Return type of this function is in the form of array.

SQAGetPropertyAsString - Return type of this function is in the form of String.

Question: What is the difference between rational robot and QTP or Winrunner? which is more ueful of the three?

Answer: Diff b/w Rational Robot and WinRunner is

WinRunner Supports GUI(Graphical User Interface)

Whereas, Rational Robot Supports Both GUI and CUI(Character User Interface)

Question: Can anybody provide code of any sample script in Rational Robot?

Answer: Look at Robot help - lot of sample scripts there Source:
Question: may I know is there any Load testing tool called Rational Site Load tool,where can I get the information from and is the tool is similar to that of Load Runner,and also tell me the similarities and differences in that tool.....?

Answer: There is no tool named Rational Site Load Tool. You can use "Rational Performance Tester" , Else "Rational Robot". By using Rational Robot we can do Functional as well as performance testing also.
Question: What is the difference between Rational Robot (Rational Functional Tester)and IBM functional tester?
Which is better?

Answer: Ibm rational functional tester extension for terminal applicationis quite superior to any of the solutions avialble for Ibm rational robot

and Ibm functional tester is better than the rational robotRational functional tester when compared to the Rational Robot reduces the scripting effort & time.

Rational functional tester has only 2 verification points whereas the Rational Robot has 13 verification points.

In Rational functional tester scripting is done through simple Java Source:
Question: What is the difference between GUI Scripts and VU scripts in Rational Robot?

Answer: GUI script is for functional testing. VU and VB scripts are for performance testing.

GUI Scripts: Used to play back the GUI activities you record.

VU scripts ? Used to play back the client/server requests you record during performance testing sessions.
Question: Can anyone please tell me the exact difference b/w Rational Functional Tester and Rational Robot. What i think is that RFT is more advanced then Robot.

Answer: If you are testing a Java, .NET, Web, or browser-based application RFT (Rational Functional Testger) is the right tool.

If you are testing Visual Basic, C++, or other Windows 32-bit applications, (RFT) Rational Functional Tester is not the tool for you, you can use Rational Robot.


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