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Load Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Load Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

HPE LoadRunner is a software testing tool from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It is used to test applications, measuring system behaviour and performance under load. HPE acquired LoadRunner as part of its acquisition of Mercury Interactive in November 2006. The LoadRunner script language is ANSI C. It helps to know the C language, but the scripts are generated and manipulated by LoadRunner, so there is usually not need to directly edit the code. There is also a icon script view which completely hides the C code.

Try Load Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Load Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Load Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What r the types of parameterisation in load runner?
List the step to do strees testing?
How many terminals can we connect to our load runner system?

Answer: Response time, elapsed time, transaction time, throughput, hits per second Source:
Question: What is GUI vuser and on which platform it will run.

Answer: GUI Vusers actually perform the actions using the client.this means that fewer GUI vusers can be run per workstation than the other types of vusers due to the overload of the client, and is infact limited to one GUI v user per workstation.GUI Vusers are not so much to generate load on a system but to test end -to end performance associated with various business processes. Source:
Question: What is load runner?

Answer: Load Runner is an Load automation Tool used to determine the Load of an application, An Product of Mercury. Usage of this Tool we can find the Load of an Application and the Bottlenecks of the same of different Layers.<br><br>Though it is costly we can get more precise information of the above. It is comprised of Generator, Controller & Analysis. <br> Source:
Question: What are the section contain by the vugen while creating a vuser script .

Answer: Vugen contain the 3 section .
3-vuser-end. Source:
Question: After completion of functionality testing what makes us to know whether the product is ready for performance testing or not (not related to task distribution diagram and transaction profile document)?

Answer: We must get sign off from functional testing team Source:
Question: How many graphs are ther in Load runner?
wat are they? explain about their graphs and for what those graphs are using?

Answer: Any number of graph like no of vusers,transaction responsetime.But there is no specific graphs was like ur asking. Source:
Question: What is run-time-setting?

Answer: Run time setting means specifying the way the vuser script runs. Source:
Question: What is Host.

Answer: Host is the System, Generally known as Controller to execute the Vuser Script. Eighther it can be Local host or Remote Host. Source:
Question: When load runner is used?

Answer: As we all know that functionality testing helps ensuring that the product/application works fine according to the requirements and the client verifications are validated. This is always done by single user and depending upon the complexity of the application or the product, many test cases are written to ensure that the components functions as intended, but when the application passes this TollGate of functional testing, there is always question of what will happen to the application/product whe Source:
Question: I have an application under test which is of 3-tier architecture, it has a web server, app server, database server, basically loadrunner monitors the load on the webserver when a script is run on the controller. how to make it monitor the load on the app server or on the database server?

Answer: As per my understanding and experience, I have encountered App servers with inbuilt webserver so we do not have two different servers as such. I have worked on Weblogic 6 and 8 and Pramati 4.1SP2. In these two app servers we do not have web server as an extra component so on a single machine whereever we have App server, we have web server too.

We have the QA environment setup on Linux. In order to monitor the load on DB server, we use SAR software. This s/w monitors the load on DB serve Source:
Question: What are all the types of correlation?

Answer: Manual & Automatic Co-relation
Manual correlation? - Correlation is used to obtain data which are unique for each run of the script and which are generated by nested queries.
Automatic correlation is where we set some rules for correlation. It can be application server specific. Here values are replaced by data, which are created by these rules Source:
Question: What is .lrs.

Answer: Load runner save the information in a scenario files. Source:
Question: When the rendezvous point is insert .

Answer: The "Rendezvous point" could be inserted at the moment, when exactly you wanted the Vusers to act simultaneously.

For Example,

You can find a start and end Transaction, in the script if you have generated.

Insert the rendezvous point, just before starting the transaction.

This implies that, all the Vusers are asked come and reach at the point before starting the transaction, and perform the operation at that particular time.
Question: What are the 5 icons appear in the buttom of the controller windows.

Answer: 1-host windows(list of machine).
2-script windows(list of all the vuser script)
3-rendezvous windows.
4-transaction windows(display all the transaction) .
5-output window( display error and notification message). Source:
Question: What is running virtual user graph.

Answer: When you run the scenario, by default Virtual user graph, throughput and hits per sec graphs will be displayed. In the first one you can find out how many virtual users are running the application and the time taken by them to finish the operation.
Question: What is vuser-init section .

Answer: It records before the actual action is performed.It records the pre operations or intial operations before actual actions done.
Question: How to call winrunner script in Loadrunner?

Answer: 1.Create a scenario by replacing the VUser script with the GUI WinRunner script.

2.Select Host->Details options from menu

3.Enable the check box for GUI Winrunner(Mandatory to run the WR Script)

4.Execute the Scenario

Note: As you can work with only one instance of the winrunner at a time, the maximumno of users execute in this scenario is 1.

Question: What is injector in load runner?

Answer: Injector is nothing but load generator in LR. when you want to run a script for multiple Vusers then you have to a create a scenario for those scripts or script with multiple users. There you have to specifiy the load generator i.e., it is local host or remote host. it means that from which system you have to ramp up the Vusers to run the script. for this you have to add the load generators by giving their IP addresses and before for this you have to install load generators on those machines whi Source:
Question: What are the steps for doing load and performance testing using Load Runner?

Note: I need the actual process steps for doing load testing using load runner but not the questions and answers as were given about load runner

Answer: You must set the environment first, to perform the load test.

Its like,

1. Set Closed user network. ie., set up an environment, that the system which are all connected should be, the system where the loadrunner is installed,the application server and the database server.

2. Now you can start up with the normal procedure like, creating scenario, recording scripts, compile it, run the script.

3. Open controller, take down the script and initialize no of users

3 Source:
Question: How to conduct Regression testing using LoadRunner?
Give me explanation about HTTP protocols? How we are working on HTTP protocols?
In goal oriented Scenarios LoadRunner provides five different types of goal-oriented scenarios, if a tester can work on five types of scenarios or any one type of scenarios?
Suppose loadrunner controller is in different place, Vuser generator is one more place we r working in another place, is loadrunner 7.2 or higher versions of loadrunner provides this facility work (that is using desk top to work on load testing) or not?
What are the types of checkpoints is available in LoadRunner? How to work on database check points?
While the script is running we find some values that may be need to be correlated? Is it possible to do manual correlation for those values?
After completion of functionality testing what makes us to know whether the product is ready for performance testing or not (not related to task distribution diagram and transaction profile document)?

Answer: Load runner is a performance testing tool. you cannot do regression testing with load runner.yo ucan do manual correaltion by recodring the same script 2 times. compare them using windiff utility which comes with LR and look for the values which need to be correlated. Source:

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