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XML Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

XML Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. Extensible Markup Language (XML) is used to describe data. The XML standard is a flexible way to create information formats and electronically share structured data via the public Internet, as well as via corporate networks. XML is a way of adding intelligence to your documents. It lets you identify each element using meaningful tags and it lets you add information ("metatdata") about that element.

Try XML Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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XML Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try XML Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Some Limitation or Disadvantage of XML?

Answer: XML markup has a few disadvantages:
It can be verbose unless element and attribute names are chosen with care. In large documents the markup overhead need not be large, but in short messages it can be significantly more than the actual data, especially when the element or attribute names are concocted by machine.
Overlapping markup is not permitted (an element cannot start inside one element and end inside another): element markup must nest hierarchically.
Question: What is XQuery?

Answer: Xquery is a query language that is used to retrieve data from XML documents. Source:
Question: Can I use the same prefix for more than one XML namespace?

Answer: Yes. Source:
Question: How do you load data from XML file to a ORACLE table?

Answer: You need to first create a table in oracle that matches with the fields of the XML data............... Source:
Question: How does XML handle white-space in my documents?

Answer: All white-space, including linebreaks, TAB characters, and normal spaces, even between ?structural? elements where no text can ever appear, is passed by the parser unchanged to the application (browser, formatter, viewer, converter, etc), identifying the context in which the white-space was found (element content, data content, or mixed content, if this information is available to the parser, eg from a DTD or Schema). This means it is the application's responsibility to decide what to do wit Source:
Question: Describe about the syntax rules which form the XML documents?

Answer: Some of the basic syntax rules which are to be implemented are
1) XML documents should have a root element
2) They should have a closing tag
3) Make sure that you type exact case, as these documents are case sensitive.
4) These elements should be properly nested
5) Attribute elements must be quoted correctly. Source:
Question: Explain about XML Canonicalization?

Answer: Often it happens that documents are identical in many different ways either logical of statistical. It becomes a major problem when you try to sign a digital signature on two identical documents, to eliminate this problem you have to use Canonicalization which helps people in identifying two similar documents with similar digital signature. Similar documents use Canonicalization to identify similar patterns and signature. Source:
Question: What is DOM?

Answer: DOM is an interface-oriented Application Programming Interface. It allows for navigation of the entire document. Source:
Question: Give a few examples of types of applications that can benefit from using XML.

Answer: There are literally thousands of applications that can benefit from XML technologies. The point of this question is not to have the candidate rattle off a laundry list of projects that they have worked on, but, rather, to allow the candidate to explain the rationale for choosing XML by citing a few real world examples. For instance, one appropriate answer is that XML allows content management systems to store documents independently of their format, which thereby reduces data redundancy. Another Source:
Question: How do I configure an XPointer processor?

Answer: There is no required configuration for the XPointer Framework. The uberjar command line utility provides some configuration options. Applications configure individual XPointer processors when they obtain an instance from an appropriate XPointerProcessor factory method. Source:
Question: What is Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) in case of XML?

Answer: SGML is large and powerful Standard Generalized Markup Language which is used to define descriptions of the structure of different types of electronic document. Source:
Question: What three essential components of security does the XML Signatures provide?

Answer: authentication, message integrity, and non-repudiation. In addition to signature information, an XML Signature can also contain information describing the key used to sign the content. Source:
Question: What is a DiffGram in case of XML?

Answer: A DiffGram is an XML format which is used to find current and original versions of XML document. Source:
Question: What XPointer schemes are supported in this release?

Answer: The XPointer integration distributions support shorthand pointers. In addition, they bundle support for at last the following XPointer schemes:
* xmlns()
* element()
* xpath() - This is not a W3C defined XPointer scheme since W3C has not published an XPointer sheme for XPath. The namespace URI for this scheme is . It provides for addressing XML subresources using a XPath 1.0 expressions. Source:
Question: When a XML file has a DTD declared which is not accessible to the parser, what would happen?

Answer: The document is not parsed. Source:
Question: Explain about XML namespaces?

Answer: Namespaces are guided by the guidelines of w3c. These are used to uniquely identify the named elements and attributes of an XML document. As XML supports human interpreted language and structure it is necessary for namespaces to differentiate different elements present in an XML document. It is declared using XML attribute xmlns and the value of it should be Uniform resource identifier. Source:
Question: What is Simple Element in case of XML?

Answer: A Simple Element contain only text and following are the kinds of Simple Element:-

No attributes.
Doesn't contain other elements.
It cannot be empty. Source:
Question: Explain and describe about XML?

Answer: XML is defined as an extensible markup language because it gives the user to define his own elements. It facilitates transfer and sharing of structure data across various platforms and particularly through internet. It is also used to serialize and encode data. Source:
Question: Is XML case-sensitive?

Answer: Yes. Source:
Question: What is XML?

Answer: XML, Extensible Markup Language, is an open, text based markup language that provides structural and semantic information to data. Source:

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