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Node.JS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Node.JS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

In software development, Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side Web applications. Although Node.js is not a JavaScript framework, many of its basic modules are written in JavaScript, and developers can write new modules in JavaScript. The runtime environment interprets JavaScript using Google's V8 JavaScript engine.

Try Node.JS Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Node.JS Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Node.JS Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Explain Child process module?

Answer: Child process module has following three major ways to create child processes:?

spawn - child_process.spawn launches a new process with a given command.
exec - child_process.exec method runs a command in a shell/console and buffers the output.
fork - The child_process.fork method is a special case of the spawn() to create child processes. Source:
Question: Why to use ?ClearTimeout? in Node.JS?

Answer: This is the global function and it is used to stop a timer which was created during ?settimeout()?. Source:
Question: What is meant by a schema? Is it a set of rules which is copied and renamed, but never worked on that?

Answer: Below are the useful properties of process ?
exitCode Source:
Question: What are scales?

Answer: Node.js is a very powerful JavaScript based platform or framework which is built on Google Chrome's JavaScript V8 Engine. Source:
Question: Explain local installation of dependencies?

Answer: By default npm will install the dependency in the local mode. Here local mode refers to the package installation in node_modules directory lying in the folder where Node application is present. ?require ()? is used to access the locally deployed packages Source:
Question: What is the latest version of Node.js available?

Answer: Node.js v6 is the latest version of Node.js available and ready for use!

This new major version of Node.js delivers significant improvements in performance, reliability, usability and security. Module loading is nearly four times faster than in Node.js v4, tests and documentation have seen significant improvements, usability of the Buffer and File System APIs have been improved, and Node.js now supports 93% of ES6 language features, thanks to V8 version 5.0. Source:
Question: Explain ? ?console.log([data][, ...])? statement in Node.JS ?

Answer: This statement is used for printing to ?stdout? with newline and this function takes multiple arguments as ?printf()?. Source:
Question: Explain Stub?

Answer: Stub is a small program, which substitutes for a longer program, possibly to be loaded later and that is located remotely. Stubs are functions/programs that simulate the behaviors of components/modules. Source:
Question: What is report variant for off cycle activities, what do we do in this step?

Answer: ?Path? module will be used for transforming and handling file paths. Below is the syntax of path module ?

var mypath = require("path") Source:
Question: What are the differences between readUIntBE and writeIntBE?

Answer: readUIntBE - It?s a generalized version of all numeric read methods, which supports up to 48 bits accuracy. Setting noAssert to "true" to skip the validation.
writeIntBE - This will write the value to the buffer at the specified byteLength and offset and it supports upto 48 bits of accuracy. Source:
Question: Explain "Buffer class" in Node.JS?

Answer: It is a global class which can be accessed in an application without importing buffer modules. Source:
Question: When both labor, Machine categories exist how does process time is calculated in WC?

Answer: NPM stands for Node Package Manager (npm) and there are two functionalities which NPM takes care of mainly and they are ?

Online repositories for node.js modules or packages, which can be searched on
Dependency Management, Version Management and command line utility for installing Node.js packages. Source:
Question: How long will it take to get CRM in place?

Answer: Below are the list of advantages of NodeJS ?

Javascript ? It?s a javascript which can be used on frontend and backend.
Community Driven - NodeJS has great open source community which has developed many excellent modules for NodeJS to add additional capabilities to NodeJS applications. Source:
Question: Can CRM and ITS server maintained in one system?

Answer: NodeJS is not appropriate to use in scenarios where single-threaded calculations are going to be the holdup. Source:
Question: How to create multiple positions, what method or tool can be used to avoid errors due to creating them manually?

Answer: ?Net? module is being used for creating both clients and servers. It will provide asynchronous network wrapper. Below is the syntax of Net module ?

var mynet = require("net") Source:
Question: What you mean by chaining in Node.JS?

Answer: It?s a mechanism in which output of one stream will be connected to another stream and thus creating a chain of multiple stream operations. Source:
Question: What you mean by JSON?

Answer: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a practical, compound, widely popular data exchange format. This will enable JavaScript developers to quickly construct APIs. Source:
Question: List out some REPL commands in Node.js?

Answer: Below are the list of REPL commands ?

Ctrl + c - For terminating the current command.
Ctrl + c twice ? For terminating REPL.
Ctrl + d - For terminating REPL.
Tab Keys - list of all the current commands.
.break - exit from multiline expression.
.save with filename - save REPL session to a file. Source:
Question: Why to use exec method for Child process module?

Answer: ?exec? method runs a command in a shell and buffers the output. Below is the command ?
child_process.exec(command[, options], callback) Source:
Question: What is the use of method ? ?fork()??

Answer: This method is a special case for method- ?spawn()? for creating node processes. The method signature ?

child_process.fork(modulePath[, args][, options]) Source:

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