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VBA Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

VBA Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is the programming language of Excel and other Office programs. Create a Macro: With Excel VBA you can automate tasks in Excel by writing so called macros. Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is an implementation of Microsoft's discontinued event-driven programming language, Visual Basic 6, and its associated integrated development environment (IDE).

Try VBA Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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VBA Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try VBA Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Which controls have refresh method, clear method

Answer: Datagrid,listbox,combobox,label,button have refresh methodand textbox has clear methodalmost all controls have refresh method Source:
Question: Explain about the security vulnerabilities for VBA?

Answer: Microsoft Visual basic has its host of problems one such being macros, Macros can be created which can create a havoc for a programmer with good intentions. Also the security issue rests in the hands of the user and not the programmer as such. A user can manipulate the VBA document. Source:
Question: Advantage of ActiveX Dll over Active Exe

Answer: Advantages of ActiveX Dll

1) An in-process component shares its client?s address space, so property and method calls don?t have to be marshaled. This results in much faster performance.

Disadvantages of ActiveX Dll

1) If an unhandled error occurs it will cause the client process to stop operating.

Advantages of ActiveX Exe

1) The component can run as a standalone desktop application, like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word, in addition to provi Source:
Question: What is the difference between Msgbox Statement and MsgboxQ function?

Answer: MsgBox is a built in VB function which displays a Message Box and MsgBoxQ is a function defined by the user. Source:
Question: Which controls can not be placed in MDI?

Answer: The Controls which do not have Align property can't be placed on MDI Form.

E.g., Picturebox only has Align property in Standard Components of VB other controls dont have align property an hence can't be drawn on MDI Form.
Question: What methods are called from the ObjectContext object to inform MTS that the transaction was successful or unsuccessful?

Answer: setabort and setcomplete Source:
Question: What are the different compatibility types when we create a COM component?

Answer: No compatibility - creates new GUIDproject compatibility binary compatibility - maintains the references Source:
Question: State about the interpretation features of VBA?

Answer: VBA is licensed to Microsoft and this compatible with and only Microsoft products. Code written is compiled by an intermediate language called P-code and this is stored in hosting applications such as Excel, Word and Access. The intermediate code is interpreted by a virtual machine. This code and intermediate language is the exclusive right of Microsoft. Source:
Question: What do ByVal and ByRef mean and which is the default?

Answer: If you pass an argument by reference when calling a procedure, the procedure access to the actual variable in memory. As a result, the variable's value can be changed by the procedure.
If you pass an argument by value when calling a procedure, the variable's value can be changed with in the procedure only outside the actual value of the variable is retained.

Passing by reference is the default in VBA. If you do not explicitly specify to pass an argurment by value, VBA will Source:
Question: Which Property is used to compress a image in image control?

Answer: strech Source:
Question: What does Option Explicit refer to?

Answer: Option Explicit makes the declaration of Variables Mandatory Source:
Question: Explain about visual basic and its importance?

Answer: Microsoft holds license for Visual basic applications and it has been developing that language. Visual basic applications have an embedded programming environment which assists programmers in developing custom solutions by using almost all features of visual basic. Applications which are currently hosting visual basic can fully utilize the power of Visual basic applications because they have an added functionality and ease of visual basic applications. Source:
Question: Which property of textbox cannot be changed at
runtime and what?s the maximum size of a textbox?

Answer: MultiLine Property

No limits
Question: I would like to do the following. If cell A1 contains "Hello" and if the focus is on A1 and if the Enter key is pressed, then the focus should go to B2 and a MsgBox should appear. I think this can be done with key events, something like OnKeyDown, but how do I tell it I want the event only be triggered by the Enter key?

Answer: Use KeyAscii and trap enter(32).

Question: To set the command button for ESC, Which property needs to be changed?

Answer: set cancel property to true

Ex: button1.cancel = true
Question: Define and explain about COM add-ins?

Answer: COM add-ins are software program`s which are integrated into an application and they add already built in features to an existing application. They have common architecture across multiple applications which help in deploying applications much faster across varied applications. Microsoft 2007 supports various COM add-INS Source:
Question: 3 main differences between flexgrid control and dbgrid control

Answer: 1. Datagrid is Editable, flexgrid is Diplay only.

2. DBGrid allows full data binding while MSFlexGrid allows read-only binding

3. MSFlex grid is smaller and allows cell merging while Datagrid is larger and does not allow cell merging
Question: Explain about function pointers?

Answer: Visual basic applications have very rich and flexible applications but there is one limitation when using pointer function. Windows API has limited support for function pointers because it has the ability to use but not the functional support to call back the function. But later versions have support for modules. Function pointers have inbuilt support (DLL`s) for call but not for call back. Source:
Question: State some general uses for Visual basic applications in general context?

Answer: Visual basic can be used within almost all Microsoft products such as Map point, Visio, Auto cad, Word perfect, ArcGIS, word, excel, etc. With VBA you can control many functions such as host application, menus, toolbars, user interface, import and export of files, data transfer and extraction from multiple interfaces. Source:
Question: Explain about line option explicit?

Answer: Line explicit function makes the compiler to identify all the variables which are not specified by the dim statement. This command significantly reduces the problem of type errors. This is used extensively because VBA deals with information rich applications in which type errors are common. Source:

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