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Question :
Why should I prototype a function?
Category Functions in C Interview Questions
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Added on 10/22/2004
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A function prototype tells the compiler what kind of arguments a function is looking to receive and what
kind of return value a function is going to give back. This approach helps the compiler ensure that calls to a function are made correctly and that no erroneous type conversions are taking place.

Prototype of the function tell compiler that we will use this function in our program and it will run even if we do not write code of function



prototype of function tells compiler about function behaviour it means due to prototype compiler knows for things of function:-it is the identifier which is used to call a function
2.type of function:-it tells which type of value function will return of argument:-it tells how many arguments are reuired to call a funtion
4.types of argument:-it tells types of arguments which are passed to a function

Posted by: syed khursheed ahmed    

Contact syed khursheed ahmed Contact syed khursheed ahmed

a function protype calls the compilerand which argument recive and retun the value to given program

Posted by: aniket    

Contact aniket Contact aniket

the user defined function which we are going to use,is not aware to compiler so first we have to tell the behaviour of function to compiler. when complier executes function protype code, then compiler knows that there is a function of this type used in the program.

Posted by: Amol Patil    

Contact Amol Patil Contact Amol Patil

prototype of the function tell the compiler to recieve and return what type of data from the function at time of compilation and easy to identify the function.

Posted by: LAXMAN HONAWAD    


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