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Question :
What is an argument ? differentiate between formal arguments and actual arguments?
Category Functions in C Interview Questions
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Added on 10/22/2009
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An argument is an entity used to pass the data from calling function to the called function. Formal arguments are the arguments available in the function definition.They are preceded by their own data types.Actual arguments are available in the function call.

arguments are called as parameters .they are
passed from main function to sub function.

formal arguments are located in sub function.
actual arguments are located in function
the values of actual arguments
are copied to formal arguments.

Posted by: raja

Contact raja Contact raja

The arguments listed in function definition are known as formal arguments. And the arguments passed to function while invoking it, are known as actual arguments.

For e.g:
int foo(int a, int b)
return (a+b);

int main(void)
int var1 = 10, var2 = 10;
int result;
result = foo(var1, var2);
return 0;

in the above case, var1 & var2 are actual arguments and "a" and "b" are formal arguments.

Posted by: Ravi A Joshi

Contact Ravi A Joshi Contact Ravi A Joshi

Argument is a parameter which is used to pass into function during function call

Actual argument is a parameter which is available in calling function

Formal argument is a parameter which is available in called function/function definition

Both actual and formal argument must be same which is declared before main




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