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    Question :
    What are your +ve and -ve qualities?

    Category Personal Interview Questions
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    Added on 7/29/2006
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    My +ve qualities
    I believe and worship these 3 works
    Home work
    Team work
    Hard work

    My -ve qualities

    I don't know

    If i know, i would have corrected them already.

    + ve i am hard workar with smart workar
    - ve some time becom over confidence

    Posted by: swapnil    

    Contact swapnil Contact swapnil

    i always ready to help others
    i work hard

    my -ve
    i m not positive thinker

    Posted by: kavita    

    Contact kavita Contact kavita

    my +ve qualities
    if problem araise ,i will think in
    2 sides
    if it is in positiveway, what to do next.
    if it is in negative way,i will learn lesson from that.
    my -ve qualities
    straightforward, sometimes it hurts others.

    Posted by: rajeshwari    

    Contact rajeshwari Contact rajeshwari

    my +ve self motivation and belive on self
    my -ve i can not deny another person request .
    and i am workohalic

    Posted by: anand upadhyay sagar    

    Contact anand upadhyay sagar Contact anand upadhyay sagar

    +ve thing is I always think in positive way.

    Posted by: mahendra    

    Contact mahendra Contact mahendra

    my +ve qualities
    1.hard work to needy person
    my -ve qualities
    1.over confidence
    2.always try to know other person which consumes my valuable time.

    Posted by: Girijesh kumar    

    Contact Girijesh kumar Contact Girijesh kumar

    + quality
    i can attract anyone to my side with my words nd i can read mind of others that others think abt me.

    -ive quality
    i am a straight forward man,sometimes it hurts other.

    Posted by: mohit malhotra    

    Contact mohit malhotra Contact mohit malhotra

    my +ve point is i'm confidentialy believe himself & haveing good enthusiam to know new technology and new circumstance and adopt.

    Posted by: haribansh gupta    

    Contact haribansh gupta Contact haribansh gupta

    +ve qualities in me is my confidence and my impeccable commnctn skills due to which i can easily convince people and bring business for my company..
    -ve qualities is my act of handling many jobs togedr due to whch m nt able to focus on one thing..!!!

    Posted by: ashish vasandani    

    Contact ashish vasandani Contact ashish vasandani

    + qualities:
    my attitude towards learning things.. n believe in team strength.
    - qualities:
    sumtimes m over confident i dont like people who cheat me

    Posted by: siddharth    

    Contact siddharth Contact siddharth

    positive* to act.

    nagative* to react.

    Posted by: suman raina    

    Contact suman raina Contact suman raina

    my +ve qualities
    1.hard work to needy person
    my -ve qualities
    1.over confidence
    2.always try to know other person which consumes my valuable time.

    Posted by: sushma    

    Contact sushma Contact sushma

    +ve hardwork,belief on my self.-ve i m positive thinker

    Posted by: arvind    

    Contact arvind Contact arvind

    im very jovial,helping mind character...
    short temper,sumtimes am over confident i dont like people who cheat me....

    Posted by: parthasarathy    

    Contact parthasarathy Contact parthasarathy

    my +ve points are i m very optimistic n pragmatic. i dont take much tension and thus is able to do my all work with cool mind which helps me to avoid wrong decision taken in pressure n -ve point is that i am vry short tempered

    Posted by: angelonearth    

    Contact angelonearth Contact angelonearth

    my +ive things are iam self confident,eager to know new things and very adventures.
    -ive things are iam very emotional and i cannot deny other persons request.

    Posted by: gavini suvidha    

    Contact gavini suvidha Contact gavini suvidha

    +ve: my greatest strength is my ability to effectively handle multiple projects and deadlines.

    -ve: I've trouble in delegating duties to others because I feel I could do things better myself

    Posted by: Shiva Kottary    

    Contact Shiva Kottary Contact Shiva Kottary

    in +tiv i a cool guy and too freindly nature .also a sinceroty make me more impactable.

    Posted by: gaurav soni    

    Contact gaurav soni Contact gaurav soni

    +ve i do my work properly
    -ve i feel restless when i dont do my work

    Posted by: Varinder singh    

    Contact Varinder singh Contact Varinder singh

    my +ve quality:
    I am hard worker boy,helping to other,frendly and bilive only our work.
    -ve quality:
    I am very emotional,less confidence,dont bilive our self somtime.

    Posted by: Rajkumar gour    

    Contact Rajkumar gour Contact Rajkumar gour

    -ve: Straight forward, too sensitive.

    +ve: Confidence , Dedication and more importantly the will to overcome my negatives...

    Posted by: Vignesh    

    Contact Vignesh Contact Vignesh

    +ve- have good leadership and co-ordination qualities,my friends considered me as very happy and friendly person

    -ve - whatever is in my mind is clearly shown in my face

    Posted by: Raisa Azad    

    Contact Raisa Azad Contact Raisa Azad

    my positive is:
    I can simply adapt with the new situations..
    my negative is:
    -not thinking about my negative points.
    -over helping mind.

    Posted by: Kareemullah    

    Contact Kareemullah Contact Kareemullah

    +ve qualities:
    i cn easily understnd a situation n find a better solution fr it .i hv gud communication skills.
    -ve qualities:
    gullible nature,cant deny others requests

    Posted by: divya.gulakavarapu    

    Contact divya.gulakavarapu Contact divya.gulakavarapu

    my +ve point is i have always +ve attitude which give me xtra milege for getting success in my life.
    my -ve point is i belive sometime blindly on person that's why i have been cheated some time.

    Posted by: manisha saha    

    Contact manisha saha Contact manisha saha

    my postive point is
    *hard working
    my negative point is
    *dont trust people easily
    *generally avoid taking risk

    Posted by: varun agrawal    

    Contact varun agrawal Contact varun agrawal

    my strength is
    *honesty &truthness
    *believe in hard working
    *help tp needy person
    my weakness is
    *quickly become nervous

    Posted by: anupama verma    

    Contact anupama verma Contact anupama verma

    my positive point is
    *i alwase do time management,i.e i consume less time & i get more result.
    puntuality,sincer,confidence qualituy i have.
    i am very intrested to work in diffcult situation.
    i am also ateam leader&team player also.

    Posted by: swadesh muduli    

    Contact swadesh muduli Contact swadesh muduli

    -ve qualities,over confidence
    ve qualities,always success full.Conta me@9776142888

    Posted by: Binaya krushna gouda    

    Contact Binaya krushna gouda Contact Binaya krushna gouda

    my +ve is i am hopeful,helpful & straightforward.
    my -ve is i am not the -ve thinker,am very cruel to the lie teller

    Posted by: baban debnath    

    Contact baban debnath Contact baban debnath

    +ve quality
    I always do my work with honestly and proudly it doesn't matter for me either it is a small or big work.
    -ve quality
    be straightword.

    Posted by: Akash Sahu CSE    

    Contact Akash Sahu CSE Contact Akash Sahu CSE

    My +ve point is, I am good thinker as well as well planer,whatewer the situation I'll planned and solve it.

    My -ve point is, can't hide our emotions from our face.

    Posted by: Shiva Prajapati    

    Contact Shiva Prajapati Contact Shiva Prajapati

    + ve quality is that i nearly never fail to meet any deadline..

    -ve quality is that i am eager to learn everything very fast.

    Posted by: charu    

    Contact charu Contact charu

    +ve is that i nearly never fail to meet any deadline.
    -ve is that i am very eager to learn everything very fast.

    Posted by: charu    

    Contact charu Contact charu

    My +ve

    self motivated
    Always used to learn new things

    My -ve

    I didn't speak more

    Posted by: SelvaJeyanth    

    Contact SelvaJeyanth Contact SelvaJeyanth

    +VE: My positive thinking is leving for others.
    -VE:Bleave on others immediatly.

    Posted by: SERAJ ALAM    

    Contact SERAJ ALAM Contact SERAJ ALAM

    positive. fast learner, always ready to help, always try to solve problems by teking it deaply,
    never west my time always work on moto.." Learn or earn "

    nagetive.. when i try to understand the promlems and setuation very deaply I forgete all the thing so that i dont care about me and time...

    contect.. 09203834516

    Posted by: Amit kosta    

    Contact Amit kosta Contact Amit kosta

    my +ve point is my confidence
    my -ve point is my overconfidence

    Posted by: sachin kumar    

    Contact sachin kumar Contact sachin kumar

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