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Question :
Do you consider yourself successful?

Category HR Interview Questions
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Added on 7/29/2011
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You should always answer yes and briefly explain why. A good explanation is that you have set goals, and you have met some and are on track to achieve the others.

yes sir i consider myself successful bcoz i have acheived something to be in front of you.. i always track the ways of successful persons in my field to acheive my goal..

Posted by: ramyadev    

Contact ramyadev Contact ramyadev

I am in the way to achieve success and I think I am very near.

Posted by: Puneet    

Contact Puneet Contact Puneet

Yes Sir, I consider myself successful firstly, i've learnt to work in a team because by working in a team you gain knowledge from others and learn to share your bit with others. Yes, I've learnt teamwork which is important for myself and for the success of the organisation as well. Secondly, I have myself developed a project which gives me more confidence. I find myself a step ahead from where I think I was a fresher.

Posted by: Nidhi    

Contact Nidhi Contact Nidhi

The only way to address this question is to say ?Yes I feel my career has been successful to date and I have been more than happy with my career progression. I have always put emphasis on enjoying the job I do and not how much it pays or what benefits I can gain from it and have found so far that this strategy has worked well for me?.

Posted by: meena Kurade    

Contact meena Kurade Contact meena Kurade

Success doesnt have a limit as your goals keep going higher. Even a company VP will be aiming higher for future. 2 years back i wanted to study Human Resources and start working as an HR professionsal. So for that goal i am sucsessful. Now im aiming for being an HR Manager in the next 2 years. I will do anything for achieving this success.

Posted by: Mansi Damani    

Contact Mansi Damani Contact Mansi Damani

yes sir definitely i consider my self as successful person because whatever opportunity i got in life whatever it is small or big....i show my full enthausiasm for that.

Posted by: saurav    

Contact saurav Contact saurav

you should say yes, and you should sound confident.
you can say you are proud to your work, and you have achieved the goals which i had set and some are still their which are still to achieve that's the reason i am here.

Posted by: geetika    

Contact geetika Contact geetika

Yes !!!! When i compare my self from my past , I find my self successful

Posted by: Saurabh Singh    

Contact Saurabh Singh Contact Saurabh Singh

Yes I consider myself successful,for me success is not a destination but the way u approach Your desire destination, I m improving day by day and step by step towards what I want to be;and that also implies why I m in front of you.

Posted by: kaya    

Contact kaya Contact kaya

yes sir sefinatily, I consider myself successful becoz I got improvement in me a lot compare to my past. I feel that I am improving day by day and step by step toward what I want to be.

Posted by: Er.Dhajvir Singh Rai    

Contact Er.Dhajvir Singh Rai Contact Er.Dhajvir Singh Rai

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