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Question :
What does the keyword virtual mean in the method definition?

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Added on 7/28/2011
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If a base class have a virtual method it means that method must be override by the derived class using override keyword.

A virtual function is a member function of a class, whose functionality can be over-ridden in its derived classes
or its called do nothing function .

Posted by: Ajay Verma

Contact Ajay Verma Contact Ajay Verma

virtual keyword is used in the base class method
when derived class use virtual method we use override key with derived class method and the implementation of method can be changed but not affecting the type signature of base class.

eg: base class
public virtual method1()
int a,b,c;

derived class

public override method1()
int a,b,c;

Posted by: ranjeeth

Contact ranjeeth Contact ranjeeth

virtual meathod is define in base class and which is over-ridden in child class..
public virtual method1()
string c="virtual method1"

derived class

public override method1()
string c="override meathod"

Posted by: rahil mohd

Contact rahil mohd Contact rahil mohd

If a Method is declared as Virutval in Base class then you can override the Method in derived Class by using Override keyword.

class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
CA a;
a= new CB();

class CA
public virtual void Foo()
Console.WriteLine("Foo in parent Class");
class CB : CA

public override void Foo()
Console.WriteLine("Foo in Child Class");

Posted by: Nageswara Rao

Contact Nageswara Rao Contact Nageswara Rao

Basically virtual method has drastical affect on performance of application. No Doubt we can do all the things without virtual function but if we use Virtual then we have following benefits.

1. Same of name of function can be used in derived class after overriding and can change its body there but with same signature

2. Overrided function will point to same memory location that is of the virtual function. means same memory location can be shared.

Posted by: Gurpreet Singh

Contact Gurpreet Singh Contact Gurpreet Singh

A method declared as virtual in the base class can be implemented in the derived class with override keyword. But it is not a must. If we use new keyword it hides the method

Posted by: Titty Louis

Contact Titty Louis Contact Titty Louis

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