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Question: How many codds rule should oracle satisfies

Answer: Oracle can support codd's 11.5 rules.

view updated rules fully not supported in oracle.

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Added on 7/27/2011
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Question: How many codds rule should oracle satisfies


Oracle can support codd's 11.5 rules.

view updated rules fully not supported in oracle.

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To use the transportable tablespace feature, the block size of the target and source database should be
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If you run the ALTER SESSION SET NLS_DATE_FORMAT + ?DDMMYY? statement, which dictionary view would you query to see the value of the parameter?
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Choose two reasons why you would use a direct ?path load instead of a conventional-path load.
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b. To perform parallel loads
c. To disable the generation of redo log entries if the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode.
d. The table has many indexes, and the temporary tabelspace is small.
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