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Question :
How to display nth highest record in a table for example?How to display 4th highest (salary) record from customer table?

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Added on 7/25/2011
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Query: SELECT sal FROM `emp` order by sal desc limit (n-1),1If the question: "how to display 4th highest (salary) record from customer table."The query will SELECT sal FROM `emp` order by sal desc limit 3,1

select sal from emp order by descending where rownum=4

Posted by: Nibedita Swain

Contact Nibedita Swain Contact Nibedita Swain

There are two ways
- Using LIMIT clause
- Special SQL

Using LIMIT there are issues that if table has got same salary (field) value multiple times, but this will show you only one record, then you will not get to know that there are also others with same salary.

Another SQL Approach is -
select a.empid, a.salary from employees as a
where 2 =(select count(distinct b.salary) from employees as b
where b.salary >=a.salary)
this query will return you all the rows which comes under this criteria.

Posted by: kishor

Contact kishor Contact kishor

select * from TABLENAME where salary=(select salary from TABLENAME order by salary desc limit 4,1)

The following example is for the 6th highest :-
select * from TABLENAME where salary=(select salary from TABLENAME order by salary desc limit 6,1)

Posted by: Amit Shah

Contact Amit Shah Contact Amit Shah

select min(sal) from(select top(4)sal from tbsalary order by sal desc)as tbl

Posted by: Latika

Contact Latika Contact Latika

Amit Shah's answer works if there is only one record for top 3 salaries.

Including distinct command will work in all cases. Hence the query becomes,

SELECT * FROM `table_name` WHERE field_salary = (SELECT DISTINCT field_salary FROM `table_name` ORDER BY field_salary DESC LIMIT 4,1)

Posted by: Sriram Seshadri

Contact Sriram Seshadri Contact Sriram Seshadri

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