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Question :
What is the meaning of invoice?

Category Accounts Payable Interview Questions
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Added on 7/21/2006
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Invoice is a statement which contains the under mentioned details compulsorily.

1. Invoice Numner

2. Invoice date

3. Name and address of the person making the invoice ( Seller of goods and service)

4. Name and address of the person to whom invoice is made. ( Buyer of goods and service)

5. Description of goods / services involved

6. Applicable rates and taxes with percentages

7. Rate of the goods / services

8. Quantity of the goods and services

9. Quality or any other specifications

10. Price / Value of the goods and services

11. Invoice must be signed by the person making it

12. Terms and conditions of making the payment

1.Invoice means list of goods/serviceprovided.
2.With a statement of the payment that is due.

Posted by: m.vijayalakshmi    

Contact m.vijayalakshmi Contact m.vijayalakshmi

1. Invoice is a statement bearing the detail of the goods delivered or service provide to certain bearer of the goods or service.



An invoice or bill is a commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided the buyer. An invoice indicates the buyer must pay the seller, according to the payment terms.

In the rental industry, an invoice must include a specific reference to the duration of the time being billed, so rather than quantity, price and discount the invoicing amount is based on quantity, price, discount and duration. Generally speaking each line of a rental invoice will refer to the actual hours, days, weeks, months etc being billed.

From the point of view of a seller, an invoice is a sales invoice. From the point of view of a buyer, an invoice is a purchase invoice. The document indicates the buyer and seller, but the term invoice indicates money is owed or owing. In English, the context of the term invoice is usually used to clarify its meaning, such as "We sent them an invoice" (they owe us money) or "We received an invoice from them" (we owe them money).

Posted by: Anand    

Contact Anand Contact Anand

Invoice is nothing but a credit sales made.


Invoice is a statement which contains the details of the qty of goods sold and price of goods/products, terms and conditions for payment particulars.

Posted by: Mani Kumar    

Contact Mani Kumar Contact Mani Kumar

An invoice is a document raised by a supplier on a customer demanding payment against the goods supplied or services rendered. It contains the details of products, quantities and agreed prices for products or services which the supplier has supplied or provided to the buyer. An invoice indicates that, unless paid in advance, payment is due by the buyer to the seller. Invoices are often called bills.

Posted by: Ibrahim Khaleel    

Contact Ibrahim Khaleel Contact Ibrahim Khaleel

It is an written document prepared by seller or consignor. It contains description of goods, quantity, rate, all duties taxes and others sale terms & condition.

Posted by: Basavaraj M Jadegondar    

Contact Basavaraj M Jadegondar Contact Basavaraj M Jadegondar

could you please give me more information about invoices issued and received and other examples on them.

Posted by: Bwanteiti    

Contact Bwanteiti Contact Bwanteiti

It is a proof which is clear that we sale the good on fixed amount.It is describe amount,rate,date,name of debtor,tax condition of payment.

Posted by: Shahu dinesh Manoharprasad    

Contact Shahu dinesh Manoharprasad Contact Shahu dinesh Manoharprasad

invoice is a business document which is prepared when one se goods to another.

Posted by: leenapriyadarsini    

Contact leenapriyadarsini Contact leenapriyadarsini

invoice is nothing but in a simple language its a bill which is provided by the saler to the customer


Posted by: nicku    

Contact nicku Contact nicku

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