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Question :
What do you mean by inline function?

Category Functions in C++ Interview Questions
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Added on 7/19/2011
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Inline Functions are like Normal functions.When an inline Function is invoked the code of function is inserted instead of jump to code of function.

inline keyword is added to the function definition to make that particular function inline function.

inline keyword is just a request to the compiler.Sometimes Compiler will ignore the request and compile the function as normal function.

About answer is totally right, but here I have mentioned the condition when compiler not convert function into inline

1) If the function is recursive
2) If the function contain static variables
3) If the function contains loop or goto having return statement

Posted by: deepen mehta

Contact deepen mehta Contact deepen mehta

inline() is function, is used for copying the code of called function code in place of function call inside the calling function. but it is restricted only for small functions but not for big function because big function have much code so it takes more time to copy in that function call inside the calling function. why we r using dis fucntion is to avoid frequently calling same function from calling function for a called function we are using inline function bcoz it copies the called function code at first call of d function inside function call.

Posted by: nagaraju

Contact nagaraju Contact nagaraju

inline functions are used to avoid the over head work of compiler.when keyword inline is used before a function the compiler will process it directly instead of moving it to stack of memory.
NOTE:inline functions are used in the functions which has merely 2 or 3 can't be used for functions involving loop,recursive functions......

Posted by: Ganesh Moorthy

Contact Ganesh Moorthy Contact Ganesh Moorthy

Inline function can be expanded in single Line when it is invoked.

Posted by: milind

Contact milind Contact milind

When you see the keyword INLINE before a function it is called a inline function.
The code of the inline function should be small.
The difference between the inline function and a normal function is known while tracing the program by pressing the F7 button repeatedly.
inline void display();
class demo
void display()
cout<<"kishore reddy";
void main()
demo d;

//in above program when you call the d.display() function the control will not jump to that function, the code written in that function will be substituted at the call.

Posted by: kishore reddy

Contact kishore reddy Contact kishore reddy

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