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    Question :
    Difference between "vector" and "array"?

    Category Arrays, Strings, Pointers and References in C++ Interview Questions
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    Added on 7/19/2006
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    Vector and ArrayList are very similar. Both of them represent a 'growable array', where you access to the elements in it through an index.<br>ArrayList it's part of the Java Collection Framework, and has been added with version 1.2, while Vector it's an object that is present since the first version of the JDK. Vector, anyway, has been retrofitted to implement the List interface.<br>The main difference is that Vector it's a synchronized object, while ArrayList it's not.<br>While the iterator that are returned by both classes are fail-fast (they cleanly thrown a ConcurrentModificationException when the orignal object has been modified), the Enumeration returned by Vector are not.<br><br>Unless you have strong reason to use a Vector, the suggestion is to use the ArrayList<br><br> <br>

    Vector is also an array but the size of a vector can change
    dynamically. The size of an array is fixed.

    Posted by: Costi    

    Contact Costi Contact Costi

    Vector acts like an array. The vector
    is defined in header file <vector>. A
    vector container class is allow to access its element quickly. A vector is able to enlarge itself.
    Declaration syntax of array:
    data_type arrname[size]={};
    Declaration syntax of vector:
    vector<data_type> vectname;

    Posted by: Pradipta kumar Dash    

    Contact Pradipta kumar Dash Contact Pradipta kumar Dash

    Although they both can be visited the inside data by index number, vector is a kind of class(template). so, vector has a large mount of member functions to access his own data. Array is only a kind of data structure in memory and has no such member functions.

    Posted by: Tony Guo    

    Contact Tony Guo Contact Tony Guo

    Vector is same like a array,But vector size change dynamically as per requirement whereas array can not.Array size is fixed.

    Posted by: Archana Thange    

    Contact Archana Thange Contact Archana Thange

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