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    Question :
    What is function overriding?

    Category Operator Overloading in C++ Interview Questions
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    Added on 7/19/2006
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    The function overloading is the technique in which you can make the function with more than one name but only if you will change the paramaters or the number of the paramaters.

    function overriding is one in which functions have the same name and same number,type of arguments.. its only the implementations that differs.. they are accessed based on the object of the class being called

    Posted by: dharani    

    Contact dharani Contact dharani

    function overloading is function name is same and parameter same but deffination of the function is deffrent .fuction perform the action is deffrent -deffrent <br>example-<br>class abc<br>{<br>int sum;<br><br>public int sum(int i, int j)<br>{<br>sum=i+j;<br>return(sum);<br>}<br>int mul;<br>public int sum(int i, int j)<br>{<br>mul=i*j;<br>return(mul);<br>}}<br>{<br>

    Posted by: ashish awasthi    

    Contact ashish awasthi Contact ashish awasthi

    In OOAD we can give an idea of one interface and multiple defination

    Posted by: srividya    

    Contact srividya Contact srividya

    it is a concept in which multiple function acess same data & information but different argument

    Posted by: rishi    

    Contact rishi Contact rishi

    class abc<br>{<br>int sum;<br><br>public int sum(int i, int j)<br>{<br>sum=i+j;<br>return(sum);<br>}<br>int mul;<br>public float sum(int i, int j)<br>{<br>mul=i*j;<br>return(mul);<br>}}<br>{<br><br><br>

    Posted by: Shyam Parmar    

    Contact Shyam Parmar Contact Shyam Parmar

    Function over loading means two functions will have same name but they differ in the number or type of arguments. <br><br>Whereas function overriding means two functions will have same name , type and number of arguments. Typically these two functions will be in different classes (base and derived for example).

    Posted by: Saravanan    

    Contact Saravanan Contact Saravanan

    Function Overloading is defining more than one class with same function name but with diiferent number of arguments are with different datatypes of arguments<br><br><br>Example:<br>class sample<br>{<br>int s,m,d;<br>int sum(int a,int b)<br>{<br>s=a+b;<br>return(s);<br>}<br>int sum(int a,int b, int c)<br>{<br>m=a*b;<br>return(m);<br>}<br>float sum(float a,float b)<br>{<br>d=a/b;<br>returb(d);<br>}<br>}

    Posted by: Tamilarasan    

    Contact Tamilarasan Contact Tamilarasan

    Function overloading is the feature of C++ where two functions can have same but different arguments for example <br><br>Class CFunctionOverload {<br><br>Public:<br>void OverloadFunction(void);<br>void OverloadFunction(int param1);<br>void OverloadFunction(int param1, int param2);<br>void OverloadFunction(float param1);<br>}<br><br>

    Posted by: Harish G    

    Contact Harish G Contact Harish G

    Function Overriding:-<br> The functions having the same name,parameters but having different definitions is called function overriding. It basically deals with the concept of Inheritance.when a Base class having some function and the derived class of it having same function, then this creates a problem called function overriding.

    Posted by: Priyanshu Thukral    

    Contact Priyanshu Thukral Contact Priyanshu Thukral

    function overloading is a technic in the function has same name with different parameter.

    Posted by: rushikesh kulkarni    

    Contact rushikesh kulkarni Contact rushikesh kulkarni

    a function with same name can exist in 2 or more base class. now which function is used by derived class when it inherits the 2 classes is solved by overriding the function in derived class using (::) operator.

    Posted by: vaibhav panwar    

    Contact vaibhav panwar Contact vaibhav panwar

    In a program,if a base class is declared as virtual and derived class is declared as virtual.This redefinition of virtual in derived class is known as Function overriding(Parameters will b same)

    Posted by: amit    

    Contact amit Contact amit

    Function Overriding refers to modify the definition of the base class method into the derived class with the same name and signature.

    If we change the the definition of a method in a same class but with different signature then it is known as Function Overloading.

    Posted by: amit    

    Contact amit Contact amit

    The functions having same name, parameters but having different definitions is called function overriding

    Posted by: ps hemanth reddy    

    Contact ps hemanth reddy Contact ps hemanth reddy


    Posted by: PUNEET SHARMA GURGAON    


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