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Question :

Why is catch(Exception) almost always a bad idea?

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Added on 12/21/2010
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Question :

Why is catch(Exception) almost always a bad idea?


Well, if at that point you know that an error has occurred, then why not write the proper code to handle that error instead of passing a new Exception object to the catch block? Throwing your own exceptions signifies some design flaws in the project.
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Hi, Catch(System.Exception) is not a bad idea to use. Catch(Exception) means handling all types of errors that are thrown by the Try block. I think even throw Exception is not a bad idea to use in the Catch(Exception)to maintain stack trace.
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Posted by: Pavan

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Hi,catch cannot be used whille debuging asp.net code as the particular error is thrown and handled by catch.
but after debuging we should apply catch ..
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Posted by: shanky

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If we use multiple catches(Bcz all the exceptions are came there when the exceptions were found) means it could be a useful thing otherwise i think it is a bad one.
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Posted by: Suresh.K

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Catch(Exception) is used when you are not sure that which exception will be thrown by the code. This syntax will handle all system define exception. But bad side of using this syntax is that it slowdowns the execution speed as CLR have to check each possible exception.
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Posted by: ankur

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catch(Exception) is a bad idea, because, in a code block we know what we written and each code line has its own exception returns, so it should be of those types. Instead of catch(Exception) we can do multiple catch blocks with their exception types.
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Posted by: Nagaraj

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exception affects the execution speed. so maximum try to avoid exception.
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Posted by: selvasundar

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