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    Question :
    Today's workforce has a new set of social values. Ten years ago, a manager who was offered a promotion in a distant city would not have questioned the move. Today, a manager in that same situation might choose family happiness instead of career advancement.
    This paragraph best supports the statement that
    A. most managers are not loyal to the corporations for which they work.
    B. businesses today do not understand their employees needs.
    C. employees social values have changed over the past ten years.
    D. career advancement is not important to today's business managers.
    E. companies should require their employees to accept promotions.

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    Answer: Option C


    A change in employee social values over the past ten years is implied in the whole paragraph, but particularly in the first sentence. Choice a is incorrect because the loyalty of the managers to their corporations is never discussed. There is no support for choice b. In choice d, perhaps career advancement is less important than it once was, but the paragraph does not indicate that advancement is unimportant to managers. Choice e is an opinion that is not supported.

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