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Question :

What is the difference between an if statement and a switch statement?

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Added on 10/13/2009
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The if statement is used to select among two alternatives. It uses a boolean expression todecide whichalternative should be executed. The switch statement is used to select among multiplealternatives. It usesan int expression to determine which alternative should be executed.


"if" statement can be used to compare about objects. for example: String compare to String. But for "switch" statement, it can only compare about int, byte,char, long, short, and enum

Posted by: luckycjs

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In if statement we can use relation operator such as(<,>,<=,>=) and also use boolean.
Here in if statement if we use nested if statement then the first condition is false then they go to next 'else-if' .
But in switch we can we can just the value and direclty go to that 'case'.


Posted by: Rahul Sharma

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