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Question :
Do you know your greatest weakness?

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Added on 7/7/2010
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E.g. possessiveness, over believing friends


honesty, hasty, nervous when I am not able to do work


Posted by: jaipal

Contact jaipal Contact jaipal


take Overtime to work..

ex:when i will do some program or problem i won't stop my work until i get the answer without errors...


Posted by: PoornimaSekar

Contact PoornimaSekar Contact PoornimaSekar


I am alcoholic to work.

Posted by:

Contact Contact


It's hard for me to tell my personal problems to others.

Posted by: Kapil Mittal

Contact Kapil Mittal Contact Kapil Mittal


i am a workholic.

Posted by: Anshul Johri

Contact Anshul Johri Contact Anshul Johri


I think I am a little less at the imagination part & I tend to forgive people easily which should be avoided.

Posted by: Aakanksha Jain

Contact Aakanksha Jain Contact Aakanksha Jain

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