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    Question :
    Design a program that will read a file of employee records containing employee number, employee name, hourly pay rate, regular hours worked and overtime hours worked. The company pays its employees weekly, according to the following rules:
    regular pay = regular hours worked * hourly rate of pay overtime pay = overtime hours worked * hourly rate of pay * 1.5 total pay = regular pay + overtime pay
    Your program is to read the input data on each employee?s record and compute and print the employee?s total pay, on the weekly payroll report. All input data and calculated amounts are to appear on the report. A total payroll amount is to appear at the end of the repor

    Posted by: kemi on 8/27/2011

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    Design a program that will calculate the service charge a customer owes for writing a bad check. The program accepts a customer?s name, the date the check was written (year, month, and day), the current date (year, month, and day), and the amount of check in dollars and cents. The service charge is $20 plus 2 percent of the amount of check, plus $5 for every month that has passed since the check was written.
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    using Polya's step solve the following problem:
    Crossing a road
    Consider that three adults and three children want to cross a road at a zebra crossing, to get to school a little further down the road. However, to conform to the rules of the school, it is necessary that no child is unaccompanied by an adult.
    Furthermore, everybody crossing has to carry a colored flag. Unfortunately most of the flags have been lost, there are only two left. Anybody can carry up to two flags. It is too risky to throw flags across so somebody needs to transport them.
    Children take 30 seconds to cross, adults take 20 seconds to cross, but if an adult is travelling with a child they travel at the speed of the child.
    You need to get all the people across.
    1. Clearly state the notation you intend to use.
    2. What is the initial state?
    3. What is the final state?
    4. What are the allowable intermediate states?
    5. What are the possible first moves? You need to explicitly rule out each disallowed ones.
    6. Construct a solution to transport everybody across. How long will it take?
    Now generalize the situation to n Adults and m Children.
    1. Under what conditions can all the people are transported across.
    2. Write pseudo-code to represent an algorithm for transporting all the people.
    3. How long will it take for everybody to cross using the solution you have given?
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    Laser light and light sensor meter are fixed between ceiling fan blades such that when fan rotates, light sensor reading are turned on and off. There are three blades in the fan and it cannot rotate faster than 180 rpm. Write a program or algorithm that continuously displays/outputs fans speed in rpm.
    Assume you have access to system API
    int ReadLightSensor()
    which returns 1 when there is light and 0 where light is broken.
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