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    Question :
    How do you copy a folder using ms-dos?

    Category MS-DOS Interview Questions
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    Added on 7/7/2011
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    The COPY command

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    Does Windows 98 run on top of MS-DOS?

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    DOS system file consists of
    4. None of the above
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    What is the name given to something that the computer will automatically use unless you tell it otherwise?
    1. a specification
    2. a wildcard
    3. a default
    4. a rule
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    To display the list of all the file of the disk you would type
    1. DIR
    2. COPY
    3. DIR FILES
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    The batch file uses the extension
    1. .BAT
    2. .DOC
    3. .PRG
    4. .DOS
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    9. With DOS, you may use the `*' and `?':
    1. when changing the default settings
    2. to represent unspecified characters in a filename
    3. instead of wildcard characters
    4. in the extension but not in the drive name or the file name
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    In wildcard specification `?' is used as replacement for
    1. one character
    2. two character
    3. three character
    4. none of the above
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    As per symbolic notation of DOS, which of the following indicates the ROOT directory
    1. *
    2. >
    3. /
    4. None of the above
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    How many characters form a secondary name for a file?
    1. 8
    2. 12
    3. 3
    4. None of the above
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    Which of the following could be a valid DOS file specification?
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    What is the maximum length allowed for primary name of a computer file under DOS?
    1. 8
    2. 12
    3. 3
    4. None of the above
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    Operating system is also known as:
    1. database
    2. system software
    3. hardware
    4. printer
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    The startup routine runs, when machine boots up is known as
    1. POST
    2. BOOT up
    3. Operating Routine
    4. I/O operation
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    MSD.exe does not have information on:
    a. Cache
    b. Video
    c. Operating System
    d. Com or port
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    Where do you find user.dat?
    a. C:windows

    b. C:windowssystem32

    c. C:windowssystem
    d. C:

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    What is the name of the latest server operating system developed by Microsoft?
    a. Windows NT
    b. Windows 2000
    c. Windows XP
    d. Windows 2003
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    Which of the following operating does not implement multitasking truly?
    a. Windows 98
    b. Windows NT
    c. Windows XP
    d. MS DOS

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    a. Works best with many small partitions
    b. Allows many programs to use memory simultaneously
    c. Allows each program in turn to use the memory
    d. Does not work with overlaying
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    The operating system creates ?. from the physical computer
    a. Virtual space
    b. Virtual computers
    c. Virtual device
    d. None

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