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Question :
What do mean by polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation?
Category Java Interview Questions
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Added on 10/13/2009
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Polymorhism: is a feature of OOPl that at run time depending upon the type of object the appropriate method is called.

Inheritance: is a feature of OOPL that represents the "is a" relationship between different objects(classes). Say in real life a manager is a employee. So in OOPL manger
class is inherited from the employee class.

Encapsulation: is a feature of OOPL that is used to hide the information.

Polymorhism: is a feature of one name multiple form.

Inheritance: is a feature of drving sub class from super class.

Encapsulation : is a feature of wrapping the data and function into single unit.

Posted by: Aravind

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Polymorphism: "Poly" means "Many", "morph" means "Form", is that "ability to take more than one form". One method for different operations.

Interitance: Acquiring the properties and behivour parent class to child class.

Encapsutaion: wrapping of data and methods into single unit.

Posted by: Raghavendra,V

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