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    Question :
    What is a rectifier?
    Category Electronics and Communication (EC) Engineering Interview Questions
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    Added on 6/19/2011
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    A rectifier changes alternating current into direct current. This process is called rectification. The three main types of rectifier are the half-wave, full-wave, and bridge. A rectifier is the opposite of an inverter, which changes direct current into alternating current.

    HWR- The simplest type is the half-wave rectifier, which can be made with just one diode. When the voltage of the alternating current is positive, the diode becomes forward-biased and current flows through it. When the voltage is negative, the diode is reverse-biased and the current stops. The result is a clipped copy of the alternating current waveform with only positive voltage, and an average voltage that is one third of the peak input voltage. This pulsating direct current is adequate for some components, but others require a more steady current. This requires a full-wave rectifier that can convert both parts of the cycle to positive voltage.

    FWR- The full-wave rectifier is essentially two half-wave rectifiers, and can be made with two diodes and an earthed centre tap on the transformer. The positive voltage half of the cycle flows through one diode, and the negative half flows through the other. The centre tap allows the circuit to be completed because current cannot flow through the other diode. The result is still a pulsating direct current but with just over half the input peak voltage, and double the frequency.

    A rectifier is a device which convert
    AC signal to pulsating DC signal by using two or more P-N junction diode.
    There are three main type of rectifier half-wave,full-wave and bridge.
    HWR-In half-wave rectifier, rectifying element conducts only during +ve half cycle of input AC supply.
    Efficiency of HWR=40.6%
    FWR-In full-wave rectifier, rectifying elements conducts during both +ve and -ve half cycle of input AC supply.
    Efficiency of FWR=81.2%
    Bridge Rectifier-The bridge rectifier circuit is essentially a full-wave rectifier circuit using four diode forming the four arms of
    an electrical bridge

    Posted by: chandan kumar jha    

    Contact chandan kumar jha Contact chandan kumar jha

    rectifier is ac to dc converter

    Posted by: mohananu    

    Contact mohananu Contact mohananu

    Rectifiers is used to convert Alternate current into Direct current and to product Constant DC.

    Posted by: justin    

    Contact justin Contact justin

    rectifier is used to convert ac to dc there are three types:
    1. half wave rectifier
    2. full wave rectifier
    3. bridge rectifier

    Posted by: vishnupriya    

    Contact vishnupriya Contact vishnupriya

    Rectifier is the device which converts alternate current to direct current,which is made up of diodes .there are three types of rectifier
    1)central trap rectifier
    2)half wave rectifier
    3)full wave rectifier

    Posted by: Hariom dubey    

    Contact Hariom dubey Contact Hariom dubey

    rectifier is a device which is used to convert ALTERNATE CURRENT into DIRECT CURRENT . the efficiency of the rectifier is not 100% and output by rectifier is not proper dc but it is in the form of ripples so we use filter for proper dc output.
    two types of rectifiers r -
    1 half wave rectifier (eff.40.1%)
    2 full wave rectifier (eff.80.2%)

    Posted by: munish sharma    

    Contact munish sharma Contact munish sharma

    rectifier is a device used to convert ac quantity to pulsating dc quantity(which contains both ac and dc is called pulsating dc)

    Posted by: sruthi muddam    

    Contact sruthi muddam Contact sruthi muddam

    a rectifier is which a device which converts a.c voltage to pulsating d.c
    voltage,using one or more p-n junction diodes.

    Posted by: anilbabu    

    Contact anilbabu Contact anilbabu

    rectifier is a device which converts ac to pulsating dc its output have some noise it eliminates by using filter

    Posted by: nasrath    

    Contact nasrath Contact nasrath

    the device it's convert Ac to Dc

    Posted by: Chetan jodatti    

    Contact Chetan jodatti Contact Chetan jodatti

    Rectifier is a electrical Device to convert A.C. (Alternating Current to Pulsating D.C. (Direct Current).
    There are three Type
    1 Half Wave Rectifier
    2 Full Wave Rectifier
    3 Bridge Wave Rectifier
    Rectifier is Opposite of Inverter
    Inverter is a Device to convert D.C. to A.C.

    Posted by: Rahul Jha     

    Contact Rahul Jha Contact Rahul Jha

    rectifier is a electronic device.use for convert alternate current into direct current use by diode

    Posted by: praveen bhardwaj    

    Contact praveen bhardwaj Contact praveen bhardwaj

    A Rectifier is a device which converts the 50 Hz AC input into Pulsating DC output. The full wave rectifier provides better efficiency.

    Posted by: guru    

    Contact guru Contact guru

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