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    Question :

    The output of a certain voltage divider is 12 V with no load. When a load is connected, the output voltage
    A. decreases
    B. increases
    C. remains the same
    D. becomes zero

    Category Electrical & Electronics Engineering(EEE) Interview Questions
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    The internal resistance of a 20,000 ohm/volt voltmeter set on its 5 V range is
    A. 20,000
    B. 100,000
    C. 200,000
    D. 1,000,000
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    If a loop in a basic dc generator suddenly begins rotating at a faster speed, the induced voltage
    A. remains unchanged
    B. reverses polarity
    C. increases
    D. decreases
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    When a solenoid is activated, the force that moves the plunger is
    A. an electromagnetic field
    B. a permanent magnetic field
    C. varying voltage
    D. a steady current
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    An electromagnetic field exists only when there is
    A. an increasing current
    B. decreasing current
    C. voltage
    D. current
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    The induced voltage across a stationary conductor in a stationary magnetic field is
    A. zero
    B. reversed in polarity
    C. increased
    D. decreased
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    The voltage induced across a certain coil is 200 mV. A 120 resistor is connected to the coil terminals. The induced current is
    A. 1.7 mA
    B. 16 mA
    C. 12 mA
    D. 120 mA
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    The ability of a material to remain magnetized after removal of the magnetizing force is known as
    A. permeability B. reluctance
    C. hysteresis D. retentivity
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    When the north poles of two bar magnets are brought close together, there will be
    A. no force
    B. a downward force
    C. a force of attraction
    D. a force of repulsion
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    The direction of a magnetic field within a magnet is
    A. from south to north
    B. from north to south
    C. back to front
    D. front to back
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    What is the magnetomotive force in a 75-turn coil of wire when there are 4 A of current through it?
    A. 18.75 At
    B. 30 At
    C. 300 At
    D. 187 At
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    The unit for permeability is
    A. Wb/At ?m
    B. At/m
    C. At/Wb
    D. Wb
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    What is the flux density in a magnetic field in which the flux in 0.1 m2 is 600 Wb?
    A. 6,000 T
    B. 600 T
    C. 600 T
    D. 6 T
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    A basic one-loop dc generator is rotated at 90 rev/s. How many times each second does the dc output voltage peak (reach maximum)?
    A. 90 B. 180
    C. 270 D. 360
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    There is 900 mA of current through a wire with 40 turns. What is the reluctance of the circuit if the flux is 400 Wb?
    A. 14,400 At/Wb
    B. 1,440 At/Wb
    C. 9,000 At/Wb
    D. 90,000 At/Wb
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    If the steel disk in a crankshaft position sensor has stopped with the tab in the magnet's air gap, the induced voltage
    A. increases
    B. decreases
    C. is zero
    D. will remain constant
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    The unit for reluctance is
    A. tesla B. At/Wb
    C. At/m D. Wb
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    What is the flux density when the flux is 5.5 Wb and the cross-sectional area is 6 ?10?3 m2?
    A. 91.7 T
    B. 917 T
    C. 91 T
    D. 9.7 T
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    A coil of wire is placed in a changing magnetic field. If the number of turns in the coil is decreased, the voltage induced across the coil will
    A. increase
    B. decrease
    C. remain constant
    D. be excessive
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    What is the reluctance of a material that has a length of 0.07 m, a cross-sectional area of 0.014 m2, and a permeability of 4,500 Wb/At ?m?
    A. 1111 At/Wb
    B. 111 At/Wb
    C. 11 At/Wb
    D. 1 At/Wb
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    When the current through the coil of an electromagnet reverses, the
    A. direction of the magnetic field reverses
    B. direction of the magnetic field remains unchanged
    C. magnetic field expands
    D. magnetic field collapses
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