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Question :

" Holding gains in relation to stocks should not be used for payment of dividend." Which on of the following accounting principle is involved in this?
a) Consistency
b) Cost
c) Materiality
d) Realization

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Description: " Dividends can only be paid out of the profits which have been realized in cash." The realization concept states that any change in value of an asset is to be recorded only when the business realizes it. The change is not o be counted unless there is certainty that such change will materialize. Therefore, holding gains in relation to stocks should not be used for payment of dividends because these have not been realized in cash.

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Historical cost concept requires the recording of an asset:
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Change in accounting estimate means:
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ABC Ltd. purchased a building by paying Rs. 50,00,000 as on 1st April, 2000. On 1st April, 2007 it found that it would cost Rs. 1,50,00,000 to purchase the similar building. This value of Rs. 1,50,00,000 is known as:
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Money is a measurement scale and has a universal denomination:
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In Accounting money is the:
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b) Scale of Measurement
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The underlying accounting principle necessitating amortization of intangible assets is/ are:
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b) Realization Concept
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No inference of profit and the provision making policy for all possible losses is due to:
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Capital as on 1-4-05 Rs. 90,000
Capital introduced Rs. 25,000
Drawings made Rs. 35,000
Capital as on 31-3-06 Rs. 1,25,000
What is the amount of profit added to the capital?
a) Rs. 50,000
b) Rs. 60,000
c) Rs. 75,000
d) Rs. 45,000
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Cost of Machinery- Rs. 10,00,000
Installation charges- Rs. 1,00,000
Market value on 31.3.2016- Rs. 12,00,000
While finalizing the accounts, if the company values the machinery at Rs.12,00,000; which concept is violated by the company?
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b) Matching
c) Realization
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Money owed from a outsider is a:
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b) Liability
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Two primary qualitative characteristics of financial statements are:
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The owner of a company included his personal medical expenses in the company's income statement. Indicate the principle that is violated.
a) Cost principle
b) Conservatism
c) Disclosure
d) Entity Concept
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_________ concept is the basic idea that the business is separate from owner.
a) Dual Aspect
b) Entity
c) Realization
d) Materiality
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The Accounting Equation is based on:
a) Going Concern Concept
b) Dual Aspect Concept
c) Money Measurement Concept
d) All of these
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