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    Question :
    why do you want to join in BPO, being a student?

    Posted by: vinod on 6/10/2011

    Contact vinod Contact vinod
    Category Call Center Interview Questions Interview Questions
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    Added on 6/10/2011
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    i am degree student after degree i can do job when i apply any job they ask about experience
    for the experience i am doing job and also i have finance problem in my home from last 5 or 6 months

    Posted by: sai kumar    

    Contact sai kumar Contact sai kumar

    although i am a student, i
    want to join in a bpo because my programming skills are weak and my technical background is little bit weak but as i am very good at communication i opted for bpo jobs

    Posted by: Prathyusha    

    Contact Prathyusha Contact Prathyusha

    because i know that i am capable for this job due to my communication skills, motivate to person easily & satisfy them without any irritable condition

    Posted by: pramod kumar yadav    

    Contact pramod kumar yadav Contact pramod kumar yadav

    there is not a shadow of doubt i am competent at this job because I speak with an impeccable english accent .

    Posted by: sumandeepsinghbains    

    Contact sumandeepsinghbains Contact sumandeepsinghbains

    Many ask the same question but i say, Why not the guys. They are capable of driving things the better way, think better and also manage well. At the end of the day its all about Result which matters.

    Posted by: Ashish    

    Contact Ashish Contact Ashish

    Sir i am not going to make any excuses,but i truly say to you,i also try for S/W Developer but after participate in 3-to-5 interview i understand my programming concept knowledge not match standard of a developer which should be with a programmer so i try to rectify my self as soon as possible and get ready for this challenge but during this period i also can't seat yet home so i came to join BPO for make some money and utilize my time in a good place where i have nothing for loss but gain lots of experience.

    Posted by: Mahesh Kumar SIngh    

    Contact Mahesh Kumar SIngh Contact Mahesh Kumar SIngh

    everyone said there opinion but my opinion is that when we complete our degrees we get confuse which side i should take my life to grow my career well. even though if i select a good way but then also some IT company's ask experience for freshers but at the moment we scare to speak and unable to express there talent, we messed up what to say what not to say.. another side some students like me having financial problem at home so this is reasons which make us to join BPO industries, We don't see front and back so immediately we choose BPO..after 1 or 2 years we get experience & More knowledge in particular field. Suppose if we do hard work constantly then we have better future.........

    Posted by: vinayak    

    Contact vinayak Contact vinayak

    Without any excuse i want to sate that i choose bpo for the lack of my technical education. But I'm strong in communication,and i have the ability to handle the opponent easily.

    Posted by: ARUP    

    Contact ARUP Contact ARUP

    it is pleasure to work with such a big organization and i want to be a part of your company .

    Posted by: Namratha Salian    

    Contact Namratha Salian Contact Namratha Salian

    In the recent years there is a large growth in bpo industry.we can learn as well as earn both at same time and we can also improve our problem solving skill by handling different academic is also not so good to get a good job in my field and i also believe that my communication skill and personality is suitable for this job.

    Posted by: prashant    

    Contact prashant Contact prashant

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