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    Question :
    What is router and how it works explain it?

    Posted by: lal on 11/29/2010

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    Category Networking Interview Questions
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    Added on 11/29/2010
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    A router is equipment that creates a link between different networks or sub networks. Routers "route" data from a LAN to another router, then another router until the data reaches the destination. Routers are traffic cops, permitting only authorized machines to send data to the local network so that privacy of information is maintained. Also the router can keep a tab of network usage statistics, handle security issues and also keep a tab on the errors.

    When you send an email to your pal on the other side of the country, it is the routing technology that makes sure that he or she gets the message and not every other computer that is connected online. Router directs the flow of traffic among networks. For example, let's suppose that a company's web designers writers. The two subdivisions are linked with a router. A router links the two networks onto the internet. The router is the device on the network that sees each message sent by any computer on either network. When a web-designer sends a file to a colleague, the router looks at the recipient's address and keeps that part of the traffic solely for that particular LAN. On the other hand, if the web designer wants to ask the HR department about appraisals, the router diverts that piece of traffic through the HR department.

    Posted by: Balaji.J    

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    router is interconnected network that choose the base path between network

    Posted by: girdhari    

    Contact girdhari Contact girdhari

    A device that connects two or more computer networks together is called as a router. It allows 2 or more different computer networks to send data to each other. If two networks i.e token and bus are connected through a router. Router must have two interfaces and two network interface cards to interact with the networks.

    Posted by: Ashok    

    Contact Ashok Contact Ashok

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