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    Question :
    Differentiate Between Static RAM and Dynamic RAM in Tabular form.

    Posted by: Zeshan on 10/25/2010

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    Category Computers Interview Questions
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    Added on 10/25/2010
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    1-Static Ram is faster the Dynamic Ram
    1-while dynamic ram is slower then static
    2-Static Ram contains the capacitor.
    2-Dynamic ram does not contain the capacitor.

    Posted by: Bharat Goswami    

    Contact Bharat Goswami Contact Bharat Goswami

    Static Ram is very costly.
    Dynamic Ram is cheaper.
    Static Ram contains Transistors.
    Dynamic Ram contains Capacitors.
    Static Ram is used in L1 and L2 cache.
    Dynamic Ram is used in system RAM.

    Posted by: Naresh    

    Contact Naresh Contact Naresh

    1. Static ram is known as SRAM. dynamic ram is called DRAM.
    2. Static ram use a number of transistor to store single bit. Dynamic ram use storage cell made of transistor and and capacitor.
    3. SRAM store data till power of the computer is switched on. DRAM refreshed there data every instance of time and retain the data for a very short span of time, even after the power is off.
    4. DRAM is faster than SRAM
    5. SRAM used as cache memory (L.1, L.2)DRAM Use as system ram
    6. sram is costly as compared to dram

    Posted by: vijay kumar verma    

    Contact vijay kumar verma Contact vijay kumar verma

    Static RAM (SRAM)

    1. 4 times more expensive
    2. Very low access time
    3. Can store ? as much
    4. Information stored on RS flip-flops
    5. No need for refreshing
    6. They can be either Bipolar or MOS technology
    7. It does not looses its signal strength
    8. They made of transistors
    9. it is used in cache

    Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

    1. Low cost
    2. Consumes less power
    3. Can store 4 times as much
    4. Information stored on FET transistors
    5. Needs to be refreshed
    6. These are available only in MOS technology
    7. it looses its signal 1 becomes 0
    8. These are mostly made of capacitors.
    9. it is used in main memory

    Posted by: sowmya seles    

    Contact sowmya seles Contact sowmya seles

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