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    Question :
    What is three way matching of invoice?
    What is the difference PO able invoice and non PO able invoice?

    Posted by: Neeraj Yadav on 9/18/2010

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    Category Accounts Payable Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/18/2010
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    PO expenses are paid for the core business acitvities.e.g a food manufacturing co. will pay its usual chargesfor Raw material freight,plant maintenance etc.

    A non PO expenditure is the one which is payment for its non core activities e.g payment of utility bills e.g telephone charges, electricity bill.

    for usual trnsactions of core business transaction a PO is created ie.Purchase order# is created & non PO is for non core activities.

    Posted by: rahul yadav    

    Contact rahul yadav Contact rahul yadav

    We have to check PO, Invoice and GRN. This is three way. Two way is to match the PO with Invoice.

    Posted by: Nishant Suman    

    Contact Nishant Suman Contact Nishant Suman

    Purchase Order able Invoice Means when we want to purchase goods from vendor first we release PO to vendor, after that Vendor Supplies Goods with Invoice, for that invoice only we will pay i.e.,PO Able Invoice and non able invoice means after receving any Service they send a bill and that is called non PO able Invoice for thay invoice we didn't Raise any PO.
    For ex:- Telephone Bill, etc...

    Posted by: M.S. BASAVARAJA SWAMY    


    Three way match is nothing but, matching Invoice with Goods receipts and Purchase Order.

    PO able invoice is usually for the Goods, material and services redered by the supplier in order to know exact value. PO's can be created for one time use or for a period.

    Non PO invoices are usually for Freight bills and Utility bills such as Electricity bills.

    Posted by: Shravani    

    Contact Shravani Contact Shravani

    Three way matching invoices is PO quantity and amount, GR quantity and amount, Invoice quantity and amount.
    Two way matching is only of non po based invoices that is GR quantity and amount and invoice quantity and amount.

    Posted by: Suresh Raghuaman    

    Contact Suresh Raghuaman Contact Suresh Raghuaman

    A 3-way match in Accounts Payable is when the invoice from the vendor is matched against the purchase order, Goods receipt and shipping documents(IR vs PO vs GR) before it is posted

    Posted by: P Ramakkannu    

    Contact P Ramakkannu Contact P Ramakkannu

    Po means Purchase Order (list of goods ordered to Supplier).

    Once Po is send to the supplier,we receive the goods receipt.
    We can match the supplied goods with the purchase order send,Goods Receipts and Invoice received from supplier.This is called 3 way matching.

    Posted by: pp    

    Contact pp Contact pp

    Three way matching is nothing but the GR (Goods received), IR (Invoice received) and PO (Purchse order).If the Invoice is satified with all this Three ways it is called the Three way matching. If in the Invoice the PO is seen it is called the PO invoice, if it is not seen, it is called the NonPo (or) the GL based invoice.

    Posted by: Kanniappan.M    

    Contact Kanniappan.M Contact Kanniappan.M

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