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    Question :
    what you mean by cluster?

    Posted by: loganathan on 9/16/2010

    Contact loganathan Contact loganathan
    Category Mainframe Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/16/2010
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    cluster is a group of network.

    Posted by: sridevi.j    

    Contact sridevi.j Contact sridevi.j

    cluster means its a just name which is used to generate the VSAM files by using the JCL utility IDCAMS.
    for ex://sysin dd*
    define cluster

    Posted by: satheesh chandra.r    

    Contact satheesh chandra.r Contact satheesh chandra.r

    All VSAM datasets created in the form of cluster,cluster contain name component,data componant,index component,esds,lds,rrds contains name and data coponants but ksds contains name,data,index componants

    Posted by: sriram    

    Contact sriram Contact sriram

    cluster is a collection of
    Data component,
    Index component..

    Posted by: T SRINIVASA CHARY    


    Clusters are sets of collaborating computer systems that are usually used to guarantee high availability of services

    Posted by: VidhyaRaju    

    Contact VidhyaRaju Contact VidhyaRaju

    Cluster is logical thought of dataset . it consist two seperate physical datasets..
    1)data component,, it consist actual data..
    2)Index component.. it consist actual index.. like access key and it's pointer in the data component

    Posted by: Pramod Reddy    

    Contact Pramod Reddy Contact Pramod Reddy

    A VSAM cluster is a logical definition for a VSAM data set and has one or two components:

    The data component of a VSAM cluster contains the data records.
    The index component of a VSAM key-sequenced cluster consists of the index records.

    Posted by: DEEPAK KUMAR    


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