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Question: The first ethernet card on a system is:
A. eth0
B. etho0
C. eth1
D. hme0

Answer: A. eth0

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Added on 8/2/2015
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Question: The first ethernet card on a system is:
A. eth0
B. etho0
C. eth1
D. hme0


A. eth0 Source:

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Which of the following commands would transfer a local file called password.txt to a remote machine called
'tiger' via SCP , logging in as 'admin', and storing the file in /tmp?
A. scp password.txt admin@tiger:/tmp
B. scp password.txt tiger@admin:/tmp
C. scp password.txt admin tiger /tmp
D. ssh admin@tiger:/tmp
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In order to allow the directory /share to be mounted by the host 'tiger' with read and write access,
what must the export line look like?
A. /share tiger(rw)
B. tiger(rw) /share
C. /share tiger
D. /share tiger (rw)
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In order to open up an SSH shell on a remote machine called 'tiger' using the login name of 'admin',
what would be the proper command line for this?
A. openssh -l admin tiger
B. ssh -l admin tiger
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D. sshd tiger admin
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B. dns
C. domain-name
D. routers
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What option to dhcpd is used to specify a certain location for its configuration file?
A. -cf
B. -c
C. -d
D. -f
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Which of the following is a journaling filesystem?
A. ext2
B. vfat
C. minix
D. ext3
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Samba is used for:
A. Sharing resources from a Linux machine to a Windows machine
B. Accessing resources from a Windows machine, for example mounting an SMB share on a Linux machine
C. Perform password administration.
D. Configure NFS shares.
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What is the DirectoryIndex Apache configuration directive used for?
A. Printing indexes of directories when they do not have an index.html file
B. The default page to show when the user requests an index of a directory
C. Directories to ignore
D. Directories that have access restrictions
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The System you are using is for NFS (Network File Services). Some important data are shared
from your system. Make automatically start the nfs and portmap services at boot time.
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Set the Hostname station? where ? is your Host IP Address.
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You are giving RHCT Exam and in your Exam paper there is a question written, make
successfully ping to
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You are giving the debug RHCT exam. The examiner told you that the password of root is redhat.

When you tried to login displays the error message and redisplayed the login screen. You

changed the root password, again unable to login as a root.

How will you make Successfully Login as a root.

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You are a System administrator. Using Log files very easy to identify the problem.

Now there are 50 servers running as Mail, Web, Proxy, DNS etc. You want centralize the log from

all servers into on LOG Server. How will you configure the LOG Server?

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Make a swap partition having 100MB. Make Automatically Usable at System Boot Time.
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There are two different networks, and Your System is in Network. One RHEL 4 Installed System is going to use as a Router. All required
configuration is already done on Linux Server. Where and IP
Address are assigned on that Server. How will make successfully ping to
Network?s Host?
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You Completely Install the Redhat Enterprise Linux ES 4 on your System. While start the system,
it?s giving error to load X window System. How will you fix that problem and make boot
successfully run X Window System.
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There are more then 400 Computers in your Office. You are appointed as a System
Administrator. But you don?t have Router. So, you are going to use your One Linux Server as a
Router. How will you enable IP packets forward?
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You are new System Administrator and from now you are going to handle the system and your
main task is Network monitoring, Backup and Restore. But you don?t know the root password.
Change the root password to redhat and login in default Runlevel.
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Create one partitions having size 100MB and mount it on /data.
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One Logical Volume named lv1 is created under vg0. The Initial Size of that Logical Volume is
100MB. Now you required the size 500MB. Make successfully the size of that Logical Volume
500M without losing any data. As well as size should be increased online.
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