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Question: An individual?s willingness to take a risk can be determined by:
A. Decision tree modeling.
B. Monte Carlo method,
C. Sensitivity analysis.
D. Utility theory.
E. Maslow?s hierarchy of needs.

Answer: D. Utility theory.

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Question: An individual?s willingness to take a risk can be determined by:
A. Decision tree modeling.
B. Monte Carlo method,
C. Sensitivity analysis.
D. Utility theory.
E. Maslow?s hierarchy of needs.


D. Utility theory. Source:

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The project plan has been developed. A project end date has been established. The customer
later requests additional work to be included in the project, but will not renegotiate the end date.
Cost is not a factor. The project team should immediately.
A. Invoke the change control process.
B. Initiate contingency plans.
C. Modify the original project scope to include the additional work.
D. Commit to original project scope and open a new project to handle additional work.
E. Request project team to work overtime to meet end date.
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During a weekly meeting, the IT department states that they are bringing new CRM application
system online. Though no problems are anticipated, in the event that a problem does arise, they
will work overtime to stay on schedule. How would you react as the project manager operating in
a matrix organization?
A. Assess the cost implication of this activity in the implementation phase.
B. Request that the IT department's commitment be in writing.
C. Assess the risk of this activity and develop a response strategy.
D. Note this information in the minutes of the conference report meeting.
E. Request that the IT department delay implementation of the CRM application system until your
project is completed.
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During the execution of a pipeline project, the pipeline subcontractor proposes an upgrade
of certain material without a change in the schedule or cost. After the change is approved,
where would this change BEST be documented?
A. Project charter
B. Execution phase
C. Procurement Management plan
D. Work breakdown structure
E. Quality assurance plan
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Which of the following statements describes quality control?
A. Monitoring specific project results to determine if they comply with relevant quality
B. Evaluating over ll project performance on a regular basis.
C. Taking action to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of they project.
D. Identifying which quality standards are standards are relevant to the project.
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What are correspondence, contract changes, and payment requests?
A. Tools of contract administration.
B. Functions of contract administration.
C. Outputs of contract administration.
D. Results of contract administration.
E. Inputs of contract administration.
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The authority to accept or reject a requested change in a large and complex project, should rest
with _____?
A. The sponsor.
B. The president.
C. The change control board.
D. The client.
E. The project manager.
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Which of the following represents the BEST way to organize project activities for scheduling?
A. By the critical path.
B. By the task start date.
C. By the date of commencement of project.
D. By work breakdown structure.
E. By the responsible organization.
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Project Procurement Management includes all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Administration.
B. Planning
C. Stakeholder analysis
D. Work statement
E. Solicitation
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Which of the following represents the reason why post-contract evaluations are important?
A. The contract fee is contractor performance related.
B. It establishes a historical base for contractor selection.
C. It acts as a point of reference for making legal procurements.
D. Most contracts make them a necessity.
E. They are legally required in many jurisdictions.
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Which of the following theories are illustrated by the principle: ?Employees who believe that their
efforts will lead to effective performance and who anticipate important rewards for their
accomplishments become productive stay productive.?
A. The X-Y theory.
B. Maslow?s theory.
C. The expectancy theory.
D. Ouchi's Theory Z
E. Herzberg?s theory.
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Which of the following should be archived upon completion of a project that involved significant
A. Project specifications.
B. Progress charts.
C. Financial records.
D. Project charter.
E. Inspection reports.
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The senior executive of your company wants monthly schedule update of your project. Which of
the following would you send to the executive?
A. Milestone chart
B. Time-scaled network diagram
C. Arrow activity diagram
D. PERT chart
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Which of the following will have the greatest impact on a product or service?s reliability and
maintenance characteristics?
A. Function.
B. Implementation
C. Design.
D. Cost.
E. Fabrication.
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The MOST effective method in developing a project team within a matrix organization is to follow
A. communications plan.
B. Scope change control plan.
C. Staffing management plan.
D. Training development plan.
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One a project, quality should generally be of:
A. Equal priority with schedule, but higher priority than cost.
B. Higher priority than cost and schedule.
C. Equal priority with cost, but higher priority than schedule.
D. Equal priority with cost and schedule.
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Payback period analysis identifies that point in time when:
A. Profit maximum is realized.
B. Unit profit is realized.
C. Monthly revenue exceeds monthly costs.
D. Cumulative revenue exceeds cumulative costs.
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Conflict resolution techniques that may be used on a project include:
A. Withdrawing, compromising, controlling, and forcing.
B. Controlling forcing smoothing, and withdrawing.
C. Confronting, compromising, smoothing and directing.
D. Smoothing, confronting, forcing, and withdrawing.
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Which of the following items would be the most important aspect to communicate in an
introductory meeting where the prime construction contractor in a renovation project withdrew
during early construction and a new contractor was chosen and new crews reported to the job?
A. Introducing the team members and the communications exchange.
B. Establishing authority as the manager in charge.
C. Ensuring that all crew members are cognizant of the line of command.
D. Identifying the project goals and objectives.
E. Outlining behavior and performance rules to the crew.
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You have been assigned as project manger of an existing project. You have been with your
company for several years but not in the area where this project is occurring. A Project
Management Plan is in place. The project has not exceeded by baseline change thresholds. The
customer is not happy with the status of the project.
Of the following, which is the BEST initial action?
A. Conducting team-building exercises with all stakeholders.
B. Identifying critical float time.
C. Verification of the customer?s needs and expectations.
D. Verification that the change control system is operating properly.
E. Preparation of a corrective action plan.
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Team motivation, problem resolution, and space verification occurs during _____?
A. The initiation phase.
B. The close-out phase.
C. The planning phase.
D. The execution phase.
E. None of the above.
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