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Question :
A default Frame Relay WAN is classified as what type of physical network?
A. point-to-point
B. broadcast multi-access
C. nonbroadcast multi-access
D. nonbroadcast multipoint
E. broadcast point-to-multipoint

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C: nonbroadcast multi-access

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    What are two reasons that a network administrator would use access lists?
    (Choose two.)
    A. to control vty access into a router
    B. to control broadcast traffic through a router
    C. to filter traffic as it passes through a router
    D. to filter traffic that originates from the router
    E. to replace passwords as a line of defense against security incursions

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    You work as a network technician at Certkiller .com. Please study the exhibit
    carefully. Based on the information shown above, what is needed to allow host
    Certkiller 1 to ping host Certkiller 2?

    A. A crossover cable connecting the switches
    B. A backbone switch connecting the switches with either fiber optic or straight-through
    C. A straight-through cable connecting the switches
    D. A CSU/DSU connected to the switches with straight-through cables
    E. A router connected to the switches with straight-through cables
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    Two buildings on the London campus of a the Certkiller corporation must be
    connected to use Ethernet with a bandwidth of at least 100 Mbps. Certkiller is
    concerned about possible problems from voltage potential differences between the
    two buildings. Which media type should be used for the connection?
    A. Coaxial cable
    B. Fiber optic cable
    C. UTP cable
    D. STP cable
    E. None of the above
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    CDP is running between two Certkiller devices. What information is supplied by
    CDP? (Select three)
    A. Device Identifiers
    B. Capabilities list
    C. Platform
    D. Route identifier
    E. Neighbor traffic data
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    CDP is being used throughout the Certkiller network. What are two reasons why the
    Certkiller network administrator would use CDP? (Choose two)
    A. To determine the status of network services on a remote device
    B. To obtain the IP Address of a connected device in order to telnet to the device
    C. To verify the type of cable interconnecting two devices
    D. To verify Layer 2 connectivity between two devices when Layer 3 fails
    E. To obtain VLAN information from directly connected switches
    F. To determine the status of the routing protocols between directly connected routers
    G. To support automatic network failover during outages
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    The Certkiller network administrator needs to determine what LAN devices to
    install on the Certkiller network. What are two advantages of using Layer 2
    Ethernet switches over hubs? (Choose two)
    A. Allowing simultaneous frame transmissions
    B. Increasing the size of broadcast domains
    C. Increasing the maximum length of UTP cabling between devices
    D. Filtering frames based on MAC addresses
    E. Decreasing the number of collision domains
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    Cisco is the leader in the router market space. What basic functions do their routers
    perform in a network? (Choose two)
    A. The microsegmentation of broadcast domains
    B. Path selection
    C. Packet switching
    D. Bridging between LAN segments
    E. Access layer security
    F. VLAN membership assignment
    G. Application optimization
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    The LAN needs are expanding at the Certkiller corporate office, which is quickly
    growing. You are instructed to enlarge the area covered by a single LAN segment on
    the Certkiller network.
    Which of the following are layer 1 devices that you can use? (Choose all that apply.)
    A. A switch
    B. A router
    C. A network adapter card
    D. A hub
    E. A repeater
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    Which of the following correctly describe the various functions and virtues of a
    router? (Select all valid answer choices)
    A. Packet switching
    B. Collision prevention on a LAN segment.
    C. Packet filtering
    D. Broadcast domain enlargement
    E. Broadcast forwarding
    F. Internetwork communication
    G. None of the above
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    When comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between bridges
    and switches, which of the following are valid statements? Choose all the valid
    answer choices)
    A. Bridges are faster than switches because they have fewer ports.
    B. A switch is a multiport bridge,
    C. Bridges and switches learn MAC addresses by examining the source MAC address of
    each frame received.
    D. A bridge will forward a broadcast but a switch will not.
    E. Bridges and switches increase the size of a collision domain.
    F. None of the above statements are true.
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    Which one of the following characteristics is true regarding the use of hubs and
    A. Hubs can have their ports be configured with VLANs
    B. Using hubs is costly with regard to bandwidth availability.
    C. Switches can not forward broadcasts.
    D. Switches are more efficient than hubs in processing frames.
    E. Switches increase the number of collision domains in the network.
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    What is CIDR?
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    what is different between cisco router and layer 3 switch
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    What would happen if you applied the following ACL to any one of the Pass routers in the above
    exhibit? On what interface and what direction should you apply it? Once applied, what will this access
    list accomplish? (Select all valid answer choices)
    A. Telnet traffic from to 168.2.16 is allowed.
    B. SMTP traffic from to 168.2.16 is allowed.
    C. The ACL is configured to allow traffic from one specific host to another.
    D. The ACL should be applied inbound to the e0 interface of Router Pass 1.
    E. The ACL should be applied outbound to the e0 interface of Router Pass 1.

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    Which one of the following statements best explains the split horizon rule?
    A. Only routers can split boundaries (horizons) between networks in separate AS numbers.
    B. Each AS must keep routing tables converged to prevent dead routes from being advertised across
    C. Once a route is received on an interface, advertise that route as unreachable back out the same
    D. Information about a route should never be sent back in the direction from which the original update

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    On the topic of the OPSF hello protocol: which of the statements below are true?
    A. The OSPF Hello protocol provides dynamic neighbor discovery.
    B. The OSPF Hello protocol detects unreachable neighbors in 90 second intervals.
    C. The OSPF Hello protocol maintains neighbor relationships.
    D. The OSPF Hello protocol negotiates the correct parameters between neighboring interfaces.
    E. The OSPF Hello protocol uses timers to elect the router with the fastest links at the designated
    F. The OSPF Hello protocol broadcast hello packets throughout the internetwork to discover all
    routers that are running OSPF.

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    You've been assigned a single Class C address. From this, you need 8 subnets, and your subnet mask
    is Which one of the following configuration commands would you have to use
    before you begin?
    A. Router(config)# ip classless
    B. Router(config)# ip subnet-zero
    C. Router(config)# ip version 6
    D. Router(config)# no ip classful
    E. Router(config)# ip unnumbered
    F. Router(config)# ip all-nets

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    Which of the following commands would you execute if you wanted to enable others to establish a
    Telnet session on a Cisco router?
    A. Pass 1(config)# line console 0
    Pass 1(config-if)# enable password Pass
    B. Pass 1(config)# line vty 0
    Pass 1(config-line)#enable password Pass
    C. Pass 1(config)# line vty 0
    Pass 1(config-line)#enable secret Pass
    Pass 1(config-line)# login
    D. Pass 1(config)# line console 0
    Pass 1(config-line)#enable secret Pass
    Pass 1(config-line)#login
    E. Pass 1(config)#line console 0
    Pass 1(config-line)# password Pass
    Pass 1(config-line)#login
    F. Pass 1(config)#line vty 0
    Pass 1(config-line)#password Pass
    Pass 1(config-line)#login

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    What is a characteristic of ISL and 802.1q frame tagging in a switched LAN environment?
    A. They are used to find the best path through a network.
    B. They allow the exchange of filtering tables.
    C. They specify different implementations of the Spanning-Tree Protocol.
    D. They allow the exchange of routing tables
    E. They provide inter-switch VLAN communication.
    View Answer
    Which encapsulation types are configurable on a Cisco switch for a trunk? (Select two answer
    A. VTP
    B. ISL
    C. CDP
    D. 802.1Q
    E. 802.1p
    F. LLC
    G. IETF

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