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Question: Where are table spaces (tblspaces) created?

A. in dbspaces
B. in pages
C. in extents
D. in chunks

Answer: dbspaces

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Question: Where are table spaces (tblspaces) created?

A. in dbspaces
B. in pages
C. in extents
D. in chunks

Answer: dbspaces Source:

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A redistribute command fails during processing of database partition group DPG1. Which
of the following commands will return the database partition group to its original partition map?


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Which of the following can be kept in memory when the DB2 configuration parameter
KEEPFENCED is enabled?

A. SQLDAS after their cursor is closed. B. Referential integrity maps after a join.
C. Stored procedure processes after they are run.
D. Tables after they have been read into the buffer pool.
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The DBA can set the registry variable DB2_HASH_JOIN on or off because:
A. hash joins may require more resources to run.
B. hash joins are not used unless outer joins are requested.
C. If hash joins are enabled, no other join method can be used.
D. Hash joins are only needed when the tables are portioned using hash keys.
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Which two of the following table space attributes can be changes after the table space has been created?

A. Page size
B. Extent size
C. Transfer rate
D. Table space type
E. Table space name
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Which of the following is required for the DB2 optimizer to consider a hash join strategy?

A. Equijion predicates
B. Optimization level 1 or above
C. Registry variable DB_ANTIJOIN=YES
D. SORTHEAP large enough to contain the tables being joined

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Given the following DDL statement
organize by (
(D12″ ;D11″))
How many indexes will be created?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

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A table is defined using DMS table spaces with its index, data, and long data separated into different table spaces. The table space containing the table data is restored from a backup image.
Which of the table's other table spaces must also be restored in order to roll forward to a point in time prior to the end of the logs?

A. Long table space
B. Index table space
C. Temporary table space

D. Index and long table spaces

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Given the following table definition and SQL statement
(company_id INTEGER company_name VARCHAR (40) amount_due Decimal (15,2) SELECT company_id
From company
WHERE amount_due =
SELECT MAX (amount_due) FROM company)
Which index definition would provide the best performance for the SQL statement?

A. CREATE INDEX i1 ON company (amount_due ASC)
B. CREATE INDEX i1 ON company (amount_due DESC)
C. CREATE INDEX i1 ON company (company_id,amount_due)
D. CREATE INDEX i1 ON company
(amount_due DESC) INCLUDE(company_id)
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When creating a regular DMS table space, what is the minimum number of extents that must be specified?

A. 1
B. 3
C. 4
D. 6
E. 8
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A customer created a hosted Linux partition on a 4-way i820 with iStar processors. The partition was created to utilize one shared processor unit, 1024MB of memory, and no other hardware. It
railed immediately when IPLed. The SRC code indicated that the partition does not have the
proper resources to IPL. What must be done to IPL this partition?

A Assign a dedicated LAN resource to this partition.
B Assign a dedicated CD/DVD device to this partition.
C Assign a dedicated console resource to this partition.
D Assign a dedicated processor to this partition.
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A customer is planning to create a non-hosted Linux partition on an i825. Linux will have only direct-attach devices. What is the Linux console option?

A Use OS/400 VNC support.
B Telnet to the virtual console.
C Share the primary partitions console.
D Allocate a console IOA to the Linux partition.
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A new Linux IOA has been added into a system, but it is not reporting into the hyper visor as
viewed through the primary partition display I/O resources screen. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?

A The IOA is incorrectly installed.
B The bus is not allocated to the Linux partition.
C Empty slots on a shared bus are defaulted to unallocated, so it will not report in until the slot
is allocated to a running partition.
D For IOAs to report in, the IOA must first be allocated to the primary partition, then the hyper visor can register them as a resource.
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A customer is attempting to determine what failed during the last boot sequence of the Linux
partition. Which of the following can be used to determine the error condition?

A /var/log/messages
B /proc/startup
C /usr/sbin/log
D /etc/boot
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An iSeries Linux partition has been created without a physical network card assigned. When
signed on to OS/400, users are able to use FTP and Telnet to the Linux partition. However, attempts to establish a terminal connection to Linux from their PCs fail. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?

A Datagram forwarding was not enabled in OS/400 TCP/IP.
B The Linux configuration did not have proxy ARP enabled.
C The Linux Ethernet adapter was not enabled.
D The Linux feature code was not ordered.
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A Linux partition running in a non-hosted environment has only a QIC50GB tape drive. They need
to send a tape of data to a vendor in LTO format to be loaded onto a UNIX system, but the only LTD drive they have is attached to an i5/OS partition. Which of the following will accomplish this goal?

A Create an LTD format tape on the QIC50GC drive and have this tape duped onto a LTO
B Save the data to disk, FTP it to the iSeries, and use the SAV command to save it to the LTO
C In the i5/OS partition, change the LTO tape drive device description to shared by changing the Device Model to *VRT.
D Create a NWSD in the i5/OS partition to control the Linux partition. Shut down the Linux partition, vary on the NWSD, and vary off the tape drive.
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A Linux on iSeries administrator is setting up the OS/400 programmers with user IDs in the Linux partition. Which of the following describes how to set up these profiles in Linux?

A � Change the QRETSVRSEC system value to 2 to enable user security mirroring.
B � Set up the Linux NES autoloader with the OS/400 partition as the central server.
C � Use the CHGNWSUSRA on the Linux NWSD to enable Linux user profile management from
D � Create a Linux group profile and individual user profiles for each of the programmers referencing the group profile.
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An iSeries installation is using Linux as a firewall between the public Internet and an OS/400
WebSphere server, and as a DMZ between the WebSphere server and the production OS/400

partitions. Which of the following ports and protocols should be allowed through the DMZ so
WebSphere can access the production data with JDBC?

A TOP port 8471
B UDP ports below 1024
C TOP ports between 63900 and 64500
D UDP port 8471 and TCP ports 6390 to 6450
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On an i810 with V5R3, what is the largest Network Server Storage Space (*NWSSTG) that can
be created?
A 10GB
B 64GB
C 100GB
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An i825 customer has three processors active. Performance measurements show that 2.5
processors are needed to maintain acceptable iSeries application performance. The addition of a
Linux partition requiring 0.75 of a processor is being planned. Which of the following describes the lowest cost solution to adding a Linux partition for this workload to the iSeries?

A Activate a fourth processor for Linux only and assign the processor to a Linux partition.
B Activate and license a fourth processor for OS/400. Create a guest partition of .75 processor for Linux.
C Activate 0.5 processor and share with the remaining 0.25 of the OS/400 processors in the
Linux partition.
D Assign 0.25 processor to the Linux partition and set QPFRADJ to 3 in OS/400 to dynamically balance the workload.
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Which of the following commands will format a new disk drive partition in Linux on iSeries?

A mkts -e2 <path to device>
B mkfs.ext2 <path to device>
C mkfs -ext2 &It;path to device >
D mkfs format -e2 <path to device>
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