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    Question :
    Frequency at which VOICE is sampled is?
    Category Telecom Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/25/2009
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    4 KHz

    64 KHZ

    Posted by: VIMAL KAITHWAS    



    Posted by: sagarika patra    

    Contact sagarika patra Contact sagarika patra

    the frequency at which voice signal is sampled lie between 200hz to 2khz

    Posted by: Pradeep Kumar Sharma    

    Contact Pradeep Kumar Sharma Contact Pradeep Kumar Sharma

    8 khz, as voice frequency is from 300hz to 3400 hz . so max. is 3.4khz which is approx. taken as 4 khz. as we know sampling freuency should be atleast twice the highest frequency component so it comes out to be 2 time of 4 khz. i.e. 8 khz.

    Posted by: vijay kumar    

    Contact vijay kumar Contact vijay kumar

    8khz sampling rate for voice frequecy

    Posted by: Ashwani    

    Contact Ashwani Contact Ashwani

    8 khz is the sampling frequency for voice

    Posted by: SAILAJA    

    Contact SAILAJA Contact SAILAJA

    The voice signals have a bandwidth of 4Khz (300hz-3400hz signal bandwidth + 450*2hz guard bands= 4000hz) according to Nyquist criteria, the sampling rate must be at least double of this total bandwidth. thus sampling rate= 2*4Khz = 8Khz. this is the required sampling rate to avoid loss of voice signals in transmission.

    Posted by: priyashiva    

    Contact priyashiva Contact priyashiva

    2*max frequency of that particular signal

    Posted by: adarsh    

    Contact adarsh Contact adarsh

    20HZ TO 20KHZ

    Posted by: pervez mainuddin    

    Contact pervez mainuddin Contact pervez mainuddin

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