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Question: What are the key challenges of testing?

Answer: Following are some challenges while testing software

1.Requirements are not freezed.

2.Application is not testable.

3.Ego problems.

4.Defect in defect tracking system

5.Miscommunication or no Communication

6.Bug in software development tools.

7.Time pressures

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Added on 5/26/2011
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Question: What are the key challenges of testing?

Following are some challenges while testing software

1.Requirements are not freezed.

2.Application is not testable.

3.Ego problems.

4.Defect in defect tracking system

5.Miscommunication or no Communication

6.Bug in software development tools.

7.Time pressures Source:

1)Dont have wide imegnation
2)Dependensi on devlopers
3)Defect in system

0 Source:

Answered by: shweta | Date: 5/14/2009 | Contact shweta Contact shweta

To find the bugs and defects in the program Source:

Answered by: suvitha pillai | Date: 6/8/2009 | Contact suvitha pillai Contact suvitha pillai

Offtenly brokedown of the application while testing due to performance issue where client not ready to invest on PSR tool Source:

Answered by: chethan | Date: 6/24/2009 | Contact chethan Contact chethan

1.poor requirements.
2.poor programming.
3.time and work pressure.
4.complex bussiness logic.
5.comple technology. Source:

Answered by: aruna | Date: 11/11/2009 | Contact aruna Contact aruna

The people who manage testing are not from testing back ground, most often; and they do not understand the importance of the testing. People who can appreciate the testing are the actual users. Source:

Answered by: Vasudeva Rao U | Date: 12/1/2009 | Contact Vasudeva Rao U Contact Vasudeva Rao U

1.More and more automated software generation systems are coming up transferring non creative jobs to machines. Monitoring the out put from them is a challenge.
2.One of the solution is interactively design the system from the requirements.
3.The Design phase is allowed to evolve in an autonomously monitored mode to derive and adjust the internal quality to produce the best external quality like reusability, maintainability and defect proneness.
4.Research in RIIC, DS Institutions, Bangalore, India has found the metrics of OO design can be put in feedback loop to automate the design progressively to better levels. Source:

Answered by: Modi | Date: 2/1/2010 | Contact Modi Contact Modi

1)Requirements are not freezed.
2)Domain and System Knowledge
3)Miscommunication or no Communication
4)Clinical usage/ Workflow
5)Clinical Test data/ datasets
6)Specialization tests i.e., Image quality, Performance, Reliability, interoperability, Concurrency, Hardware etc.,
7)Process Compliance - FDA, ISO, CMMI
8)Exposure to end users and Site/Clinical visits.
9)Test Environment, Installation and Setup.
10)No proper Ramp up/Training plan.
11)Non-Reproducible defects
12)Tedious manual verification
13)Cross dependency of software
14)Unstable releases
15)Crashing of testing schedules
16)Test Systems inadequacy. No dedicated hardware for test team.
17)Underestimating testing efforts in project efforts
18)Testware management
19)No documentation accompanying transfer to test team
20)No involvement of test team in entire life cycle
21)Cyclical nature of work
22)Low motivation of testing personnel
23)Lack of experienced healthcare domain testers

Answered by: Mani | Date: 4/9/2010 | Contact Mani Contact Mani

*have to say no
*Building relation with customer
*hitting a moving target
*testing what's thrown on a wall
*making time for testing
*testing without tools Source:

Answered by: bharath | Date: 8/18/2010 | Contact bharath Contact bharath

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