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    Question :
    What if the application has functionality that wasn't in the requirements?

    Category Manual Testing Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/12/2009
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    It may take serious effort to determine if an application has significant unexpected or hidden functionality, and it would indicate deeper problems in the software development process. If the functionality isn't necessary to the purpose of the application, it should be removed, as it may have unknown impacts or dependencies that were not taken into account by the designer or the customer. If not removed, design information will be needed to determine added testing needs or regression testing needs. Management should be made aware of any significant added risks as a result of the unexpected functionality. If the functionality only effects areas such as minor improvements in the user interface, for example, it may not be a significant risk.

    That functionality need to be discussed within the team (QA and Development) to measure the impact on the application and also indicating the risk. if there is not enough time left then better to remove the function and declare it has enhancement for the future release.

    Posted by: ash    

    Contact ash Contact ash

    Validating the functionality of the application with respect to the client business requirements is called functionality testing
    During functionality testing we are validating the oral functionality of the application that include major functionality

    Posted by: RavinderReddyK    

    Contact RavinderReddyK Contact RavinderReddyK

    In this case,
    functionality of the application means
    1.behavioral coverages
    2.input domain coverages
    3.calculation coverages
    4.error handling coverages
    5.back end coverages
    6.service level coverages
    by following this above coverages test engineers can go for validating all customer business requirements.

    Posted by: Narendra.S    

    Contact Narendra.S Contact Narendra.S

    whenever their is no functionality in the requirement and if product contains that feature then dat is a bug

    Posted by: pallavi b    

    Contact pallavi b Contact pallavi b

    a tester job is to test according to the requirement.A Traceability Matrix is created to map requirement to test cases..
    1)if there is no requirement,then a tester is not going to write any test cases for that functionality.
    2)if the requirement is missing which is mandatory for the customer,then its a bug and it is the BA-BUSINESS ANALYST who have not taken the requirement or the customer have not mentioned about the in this case there will be lot of rework where the requirement,design,codes required to be changed and tested..
    3)if the application is already developed then we should remove that application if its not a major application or lot of rework needs to be done...

    Posted by: NIKHIL KANOJIA    


    if that functionality not effect to other functionality and it is work customer relative so that you can show customer to extra function of project

    Posted by: manoj gautam    

    Contact manoj gautam Contact manoj gautam

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