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Question :
Can you write a c program without using main function?

Posted by: mohammed nawaz on 12/19/2013

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Category C Basics Interview Questions
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Added on 12/19/2013
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we can write the programme without main but it can't run becuase linking is from main().

Posted by: Ameen

Contact Ameen Contact Ameen

yes,we can write c program without using main.

Posted by: c.karuppusamy

Contact c.karuppusamy Contact c.karuppusamy


Posted by: k.sangeetha

Contact k.sangeetha Contact k.sangeetha

yes, we can write a c program without using main function. but it'll not be executed as the execution starts from the main function only.

Posted by: rashmi

Contact rashmi Contact rashmi

basically,i thought not to post uo solution here but i have seen the same query in many web sites and no proper solution is found
so IM posting here the solution for this tragedic question
1)its true,we can't write a C program without main function

#define decode(s,t,u,m,p,e,d) m##s##u##t
#define begin decode(a,n,i,m,a,t,e)

int begin()
printf(? hello ?);
i listened people who said program will not get executed,DAMN stop such things.if you don't know plz shut your mouths and don't mislead readres plzzzzzzz
the above code works perfectly and if any1 need the explanation for that plz refer and in the right most side (below) see C SOURCE CODES coloumn and then read it there clearly.even after that if you have any doubts feel free to contact me at

Posted by: venkat

Contact venkat Contact venkat

otherwise try this one...

void funtion_name()
printf("Without main

and compile this code like this..
$cc -nostartfile source_file.c

Posted by: Rao Sahab

Contact Rao Sahab Contact Rao Sahab

yeah ofcourse we can write a c prog without using main().,. but it leads to error in it's execution stage

Posted by: lol

Contact lol Contact lol

a program cannot be executed witout a main()function.Since te compiler starts compiling te program after te main()

Posted by: sukanya

Contact sukanya Contact sukanya

we can write the code without main() function. The code will gets compiled and during compilation it won't show any error but while executing it show an error saying LINKER ERROR.

Posted by: deepak

Contact deepak Contact deepak

Yes we can write a C Program without writing main()

see this

#pragma start show()

void show()

Posted by: Swesh Mishra

Contact Swesh Mishra Contact Swesh Mishra

yes you can write a program without main but in short just like this

printf("stupids we can do anything");

Posted by: sanjana

Contact sanjana Contact sanjana

yes we can write c prog without using main() but it will not run because the prog execution always begins with the main() function.
so it will give an error.

Posted by: abhinav kumar singh

Contact abhinav kumar singh Contact abhinav kumar singh

The compilation process always starts from the first line of your source code and the compiler checks only syntax, if you don't have a main() not at all a problem. But if you want to execute that you need main(). Check how we are going to create a header file are we going to place a main() in a header file.

Posted by: venkatesh

Contact venkatesh Contact venkatesh

No we conn't write c program with out using main().Because it shows error in its run time.

Posted by: Latthi.k

Contact Latthi.k Contact Latthi.k


#define decode(s,t,u,m,p,e,d) m##s##u##t
#define begin decode(a,n,i,m,a,t,e)

int begin()
printf(? without main ?);

Posted by: naresh

Contact naresh Contact naresh

main is not compulsory, every C program needs an entry point so it can be main, pain, slain or anything else, in embedded systems the low level startup code jumps to main, u can change it to something else, similar in visual studio or turbo C u need to find out a compile directive to change the default jump to main.
and to correct the above answers it is not an runtime error, it is linking error

Posted by: shrads

Contact shrads Contact shrads

yes, we can write c program without main function ,but this program can't execute without main function.
some errors can you found.
so, boy you write with main....,

Posted by: ritu raj

Contact ritu raj Contact ritu raj

Ya it is not possible to execute a C program without main though u can compile it successfully.
Compiler will check for only syntactical errors.
It never bother about whether the main is present in the program or not.
It is possible to execute a program without main in java but not in C.

Posted by: Ravinder Reddy

Contact Ravinder Reddy Contact Ravinder Reddy

we can write a c program without main function using PreProcessors.

#define k 5
#define n 12
#if (n>k) printf("n is big campare to k ");
#elif printf("n is small campare to k");

Posted by: Bharat kumar .G

Contact Bharat kumar .G Contact Bharat kumar .G

Hi Friends..

See the above code which is posted by Venkat..That code will works but at there also internally void()methods called by the processor.

Posted by: Kiran Kuma Kala

Contact Kiran Kuma Kala Contact Kiran Kuma Kala

yes, we can write but in the linking time it will throw error
undefined reference to main
ld returned one exit status

Posted by: iranna

Contact iranna Contact iranna

according to me,program can be written without main() but it will not run because before runing the program compiler will not compile the program without main().

Posted by: vikash chesi

Contact vikash chesi Contact vikash chesi

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