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    Question :
    How would I describe the CPU (central processing unit) component of a computer system.

    Posted by: das on 11/22/2008

    Contact das Contact das
    Category Hardware Interview Questions
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    Added on 11/22/2008
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    CPU is the unit in the computer system where the actual processing of the data takes place and also it controls the flow of the data.

    Posted by: g.vijetha    

    Contact g.vijetha Contact g.vijetha

    A central processing unit (CPU) is a machine that can execute computer programs.

    Posted by: Qutubuddin Hassan    

    Contact Qutubuddin Hassan Contact Qutubuddin Hassan

    CPU is referred as the heart of the computer. It performs I/O & ALU operations.

    Posted by: arunkumar    

    Contact arunkumar Contact arunkumar

    CPU-central processing unit

    It is the heart of the computer.
    It controls the flow of data.

    Posted by: swetha    

    Contact swetha Contact swetha

    cpu is heart of the system it control the machine.and proceeing the program .central procossing unit

    Posted by: ashray deshpande    

    Contact ashray deshpande Contact ashray deshpande

    CPU is heart of computer.
    Control Processing Unit
    It does all logical/mathematical calculations(processing) which a user is ordered(inputs.
    It controls all data flows.

    Posted by: Bhupendra    

    Contact Bhupendra Contact Bhupendra

    The process of selecting the next job that will run on the CPU belongs to the short-term or CPU scheduler. The CPU scheduler can only pick from the jobs that are already in memory and ready to go. The scheduler works in cooperation with the interrupt system.
    ? The scheduler assigns the CPU to perform computation on behalf of a particular process or thread within a process.

    ? CPU can be "borrowed" from its current process by an interrupt. It is under the control of external devices not scheduler. Interrupts can be disabled for a short time.
    ? When a process or thread requests an I/O transfer, it normally becomes ineligible to use the CPU until the transfer is complete. This means that the scheduler will have to choose a new process or a new thread within the same process to use the CPU.
    ? The process or thread that requested the I/O again becomes eligible to use the CPU when the I/O transfer is complete.

    CPU I/O Burst Cycle
    The execution of a process consists of an alternation of CPU bursts and I/O bursts. A process begins and ends with a CPU burst. In between, CPU activity is suspended whenever an I/O operation is needed.
    ? If the CPU bursts are relatively short compared to the I/O bursts, then the process is said to be I/O bound. For example, a typical data processing task involves reading a record, some minimal computation and writing a record.
    ? If CPU bursts are relatively long compared to I/O bursts, a process is said to be CPU bound. A number crunching task involves an I/O burst to read parameters. A very long CPU burst and another I/O burst is required to write results.

    Posted by: Hassan Jahangir    

    Contact Hassan Jahangir Contact Hassan Jahangir

    CPU Means central processing unit & Control process unit. main cpu theme is it works in ASCII Binari language. The principle of cpu is ALU (Arthimatic Logic Unit). this invented at 1970 series ending.

    Posted by: RAJESH    

    Contact RAJESH Contact RAJESH

    "processor is d heart " you people are giving such a foolish answers, you asshole dont u ve any other job , just fuck off........

    Posted by: sreekanth    

    Contact sreekanth Contact sreekanth

    Cpu(central processing unit)

    Posted by: Oseni nurudeen    

    Contact Oseni nurudeen Contact Oseni nurudeen

    Cpu(central processing unit). This is the brian of the computer.

    Posted by: Oseni nurudeen    

    Contact Oseni nurudeen Contact Oseni nurudeen

    CPU is hart of computer ,. we press any key then it's process & give the results output on the display. it's works for data trans far ALU & control the flow of data.

    Posted by: sriram yadav    

    Contact sriram yadav Contact sriram yadav

    Basically, The "PROCESSOR" is known as "CPU". It is the "HEART" of the computer used to done all the calculation.

    Posted by: Harish Kumar    

    Contact Harish Kumar Contact Harish Kumar

    CPU stands for central processing unit it performs the I/O and ALU operations. It controls the flow of control

    Posted by: leela    

    Contact leela Contact leela

    CPU, Central Processing Unit controls all arithmetic and logical functions of a computer. It is also known as the brain of a computer. As per above answers most of the people thinks CPU is the heart of a computer. It is wrong because brain controls all the functions of our body. That's why CPU is called the brain of a computer.

    Posted by: Ajesh Moothedath    

    Contact Ajesh Moothedath Contact Ajesh Moothedath

    Proccessor (CPU) stands for Central Proccessing unit it is the brain of a computer because the CPU conrtrols all arithmetic and logical functions of a computer. Also Ajesh Moothedath said that CPU is the brain of the computer he is right i can back this up because the brain controls all of the functions of our body the brain tells the heart to beat otherwise it would not so CPU is known as the brain

    Posted by: hamid    

    Contact hamid Contact hamid

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