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    Question :
    what is difference between vb and

    Posted by: munna kumar on 9/21/2008

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    Category VB.NET Interview Questions
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    Added on 9/21/2008
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    Answers: is pure OOP language

    Posted by: ashok sudani    

    Contact ashok sudani Contact ashok sudani

    Vb is to designing the forms and to run the execution of the program and is combine of c,c++ and vb and also resining.

    Posted by: arularasan    

    Contact arularasan Contact arularasan

    VB is purely window based programmng is VB using .Net technology so that VB code can b used for web development also.

    Posted by: ANI    

    Contact ANI Contact ANI

    VB is platform dependent
    VB.NET platform independent
    hardware Independent.

    Posted by: krishna    

    Contact krishna Contact krishna

    VB.NET is to development the web design and windows application.VB is to designing form and execute only . for example new BPO company opening how to known other pepole so design your BPO company website using .NET

    Posted by: kannan    

    Contact kannan Contact kannan is a frame work.

    Posted by: AVINASH KUMAR    


    VB6 was not a type-safe language while VB.NET is a type safe language. There is no variant type in VB.NET and no magical type conversions happen in VB.NET

    VB6 used ?On Error Goto? syntax to handle exceptions at runtime. VB.NET uses the Try?Catch?Finally syntax to handle exceptions at runtime.

    VB.NET has much enhanced object oriented support than VB6

    VB6 does not allow developing the multithreaded applications. In VB.NET you can create multithreaded applications.

    VB6 was only considered good for desktop windows application. In VB.NET you can also develop web applications, distributed applications, create .NET windows and web controls and components, write windows and web services.

    In VB.NET, you can also use reflections to read the meta-data of types and using reflection emit you can also generate code to define and invoke types at runtime.

    Components created in VB6 (COM) need to make and update registry entries. VB.NET does not require any registry entry making the deployment easier

    VB6 used ASP to build web applications. VB.NET uses ASP.NET to build web applications.

    VB6 used ADODB and record-sets to implement data access applications. VB.NET uses ADO.NET and datasets to build data access applications. The ADO.NET also supports the disconnected data access.

    Posted by: Akhilesh    

    Contact Akhilesh Contact Akhilesh

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